Beautiful questions : Awesome Answers

By Ravi Valluri


Ques: Guru Ji, Do you have any goals?

Sri Sri: I just inspire the people to set their goals.


Ques: Guru Ji, You are our role model !

Sri Sri: But I model all your roles.


Ques: Guru Ji, What makes ordinary man extraordinary?

Sri Sri: Extra ordinary man always thinks they are ordinary.


Ques: Guru Ji, Please show me the path.

Sri Sri: Why? Why shall I show you the path? I am not irresponsible.I will take you to your goal.It's my habit.


It's the age of aero planes and you are talking in terms of bullock carts.You have sat in a plane and your flight has taken off.Now, this plane will take you to your destination. You need not ask for the path.


Ques: You are so wonderful,when can I become like you?

Sri Sri: First stop attempting to become like me. Know that I am you.


Ques: Guru Ji, how to fight circumstances?

Sri Sri: Why do you want to fight? Accept it.


Ques:Guru Ji, We love you.

Sri Sri: You do not have any choice! Neither do I.


Ques:I have turned adult yesterday,any advice?

Sri Sri:Just stay there, Just like me, I am a teenager who refuses to grow.


Ques:Any advice on raising children?

Sri Sri: I have no experience in the matter.I do the job of making adults into children.


Ques; Guru Ji, what is the difference between Sukh(happiness)and Ananda(bliss)?

Sri Sri; Sukh can be followed by Dukh, but Ananda is folllowed by Ananda only.


Ques;Can we have multiple Gurus?

Sri Sri: One Guru is more than enough to handle, why do you want to have multiple Gurus.


Ques: Don't you get tired of wearing white all the time?

Sri Sri: No, because I am colorful myself ! Isn't it ?


Ques:What is the purpose of life ?

Sri Sri; Make a list of what is not.When you come to the last thing,you will get it!


Ques: How to maintain always
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