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June 2017

By Malvika Dadoo Agarwal

This International Yoga Day resolve to make these eight yogasanas a permanent part of your daily regimen for greater health and happiness, says Malvika Dadoo Agarwal

It's the month of June and the International Yoga Day is just around the corner. If you are a yoga enthusiast, then it's time to celebrate your passion for yoga with the international community. But if you are an irregular practitioner, then there cannot be a better time to pull up your socks and determine to become more committed to the practice. The advantage of yoga over other exercise regimens is that it is holistic in nature. Not only does it give you a toned body, which you can proudly flaunt, but also increases stamina and facilitates greater control over your unruly emotions. With your body and mind at your command, how far can the spirit be left behind? It happily toes the line and lo and behold, you have become what you always wanted. An awakened individual with all her faculties functioning optimally. Let's make this easy for you. Follow these simple yoga exercises everyday for a more beautiful, fitter, healthier, and happier you. Here below are eight simple stretches which you can do everyday and which have immense benefits:

Start with Tadasana

Breath in, pull yourself up, focus at a point and hold. Work those calves, stretch your rectusabdominal muscles and intestines . Lower your heels while breathing out and bring the hands down from the side.

Tone your body with Trikonasana

Stand straight with your feet more than shoulder distance apart. Turn the right foot to the right side. Inhale and stretch the arms sideways at shoulder level to form a straight line. Exhale and bend to the right side caring not to bend forward, and touching your right hand to your right foot. Repeat the movement on the other side. This, if regularly practised, will not only tone your whole body but will alleviate nervous depression, improve digestion, strengthen the pelvic area, tone the reproductive organ and reduce waistline
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