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July 2017

By Punya Srivatsava

7 Karma Codes: Heal the
Storm Within
By Suzy Singh
Life Positive Books
` 390; pages 400

Wouldn’t it be delightful to lay hands on a manual that chalks out in succinct detail the guidelines to living a happy and peaceful life?

Transpersonal therapist and healer Suzy Singh’s latest release, 7 Karma Codes, seems to tick off all the boxes in this regard. The book opens in a hospital with a mother and her ailing daughter having a freewheeling conversation about pain, suffering and karma. A prod here, some intrigue there by the daughter unravels the mother’s piquant yet practical pearls of wisdom. Wrapped sagaciously in love, she bestows upon her intuitive daughter (and the reader, consequently) seven codes for balancing one’s karma.

The book is divided into seven chapters, each delivering a certain guideline to align one’s karma with different aspects of life. For instance, the Suvasana code talks about birthing the desire for change while the Homa code expounds the method of healing one’s wounded soul. Similarly, other codes talk about various other aspects of life.

Written in a fluid, conversational style, the dialogue smoothly segues into insights and illustrations, through which the author weaves her own life lessons and experiences. Her profound interaction with her inquisitive and intuitive daughter, that pendulate from being sedate to amusing, lifts the narrative, transforming it into an engrossing read. Adding to its aesthetic appeal are little poems sprinkled throughout the narrative. The quandaries addressed in it are known to all of us; the path shown is universal in its ethos.

Guided by God himself to be His scribe, this book is Suzy’s attempt to “guide you to think, feel and act in ways that will fulfil your soul’s deepest yearning.” An attempt worthy of applause, indeed ! Please login / register to view the rest of the article

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