Acupuncture to the Rescue

By Jamuna Rangachari

August 2010

A renowned healer in Chennai works wonders with acupuncture

Dr Muthukumar, AcupunctureDr Muthukumar and his assistant, Shashi Rawat

Even before I met Dr Muthukumar, people from all over were testifying to their miraculous improvement after his treatment. Mrs Sethulakshmi, afflicted with arthritis, is now off medication and cannot stop singing his praises. Others report lowered blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and an increase in energy levels. When I walk into his clinic he is gazing deeply into a patient’s eye with a magnifying glass. The reason he tells me is the formation of certain patterns in the iris in a diseased condition. So all that needs to be done is pricking a few vital body points to release blocked energy, thus eliminating the presence of disease. “Allopathy has its uses, but we must also recognise the strengths of acupuncture. However, many doctors do not accept this,” he adds ruefully, admitting that long ago he himself was one such sceptic.

After a medical education in Madurai, he practised allopathy in Kumbakonam for several years disregarding any alternative forms of treatment. In fact, when he met a Chinese doctor, Aman Talib, in 1984, at a conference, he openly accused him of hoodwinking the public with mumbo-jumbo about needles. A calm Talib turned around to ask a few simple questions, like why patients getting a heart attack report pain in the little finger, why men were more prone to wearing glasses than women, and other such inscrutable mysteries that set him thinking.

At that time, Dr Muthukumar learnt that the bronchial cases he was treating reported only temporary relief. When he discovered that acupuncture had a complete cure, by energising the lung meridian, he was stunned, and excited. For the next six months, he chased Talib, before the latter agreed to take him under his wing.

The step forward

Today, Dr Muthukumar has numerous prestigious qualifications in acupuncture. He has devoted himself to curing what the allopaths have given up as incurable. Working alongside is a young medical student Sashi Rawat, who was set to pursue her medical studies in the US. However, when she heard of acupuncture she brought her diabetic father to Dr Muthukumar and found that it lowered the sugar levels. It sparked an interest in the Chinese system of healing and she joined the doctor in his work.

“There are so many ailments which can be cured with the unique
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Asha Uberoy

In ayurveda they see the prakriti of a person to see what medicine or tonic will suit him.homeopathy also does something similar.accupuncture also
Does not suit everyone.

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yes. it is indeed wonderful. could you give me dr muthukumar mail add or any other info

life positive

Dr Muthukumar is now at T-Nagar. You can contact him on 044-24320234 or 09444064553.. Wish you health and happiness

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Dr N Sikkender Kumar jain

i have been in the field for six years now managing pain is no one can compare with acupuncture.reducing sugar levels and lowering blood pressure is just a few sessions.Dr Jain from Saamrat health Center w 366 north main road anna nagar 9840645464

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Dr.K.Sathiya Moorthy

As an Exclusive Acupuncture Practitioner for the past 28 years, I confirm the miraculous results for Musculo-skeletol and Neurological disorders with Acupuncture treatment.
Dr.K.Sathiya Moorthy,
Acupuncture Physician
South Avenue Road

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The treatment is hopeless. I had been to this hospital 2 months ago and could notice no changes. We have to handover all such people to police I agree with the views posted by someone mentioned as Riyaz. During the end of treatment, Muthukmar will say subscribe onceagain to get the result. Pls pass on this message, for the benefit of public

life positive

Acupuncture does work the only thing is one needs a lot of patience...And all that I have written about are confirmed facts..

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Jamuna, Patience is something different which can exercised with other treatment too. Muthukumar advertisement in Times of India mentioning about his acupuncture treatment is totally contradictory and baseless. I have enquired couple of patients in the same hospital who are facing the similiar scenario unlike me and u can notice lot of nuisance and fight in their dispencary if you pay a visit

life positive

Dear All, I would also like to share with you my experience.. where Acupuncture has helped me overcome a chronic ailment.

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They are fooling public. Innovative method of cheating public. Pls beware !!!!!. None of nurses are trained and all are illierate. I have undergone a treatment over there and result yielded no result and he insisted to pay further 50 K to show the result. I am warning all of you, better be careful with him. All he will say, the result will be seen upon end of the treatment. Once the treatment comes to end,he will ask to subsribe once again.

life positive

Acupuncture does work Sir and all that I have written about are facts.. Wish you much health and happiness..

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