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September 2017

Indian culture often stresses upon the significance of directions during performance of daily activities. Yogic practices like meditation and surya namaskar are performed while facing the East. Sleeping with your head facing the North is prohibited. Vastu Shastra, the Vedic system of architecture, is based on layouting space while keeping in mind the directions. These practices are based on the effect of earth’s directional magnetic forces on the human body.

Researchers claim that exposing a person to a magnetic field could reduce their risk of a heart attack by streamlining the flow of blood around their body. “While hunting for food, humans would walk barefoot on the earth and draw energy from its magnetic field. Their cells would get charged and their bodies stayed robust. With the sedentary lifestyle choices of today, we can no longer derive this energy. Thus, you see an increase in ailments,” says Chitvan Malik, CEO, BEMER India.

But how does one get realigned with the earth’s magnetic forces and reap its benefits in today’s fast paced life? The answer, Chitvan says, is BEMER. It is a physical vascular therapy device that generates an electromagnetic field around the body to promote blood flow even in the smallest of the blood vessels. This improves cell performance, which in turn favours the body's own self-healing powers. “A doctor or a plaster cast does not heal a broken bone, but merely supports the body’s own healing process, through immobilisation. Similarly, BEMER therapy does not cure diseases; it supports the body’s own healing processes. The root cause for most diseases is lack of  oxygen and improper blood flow. This therapy helps increase blood flow by up to 29 percent,” she adds.

Talking about her own experience with this therapy, Chitvan says, “I had a keen interest in holistic wellness for as long as I can remember. But what pushed me towards BEMER was my son’s dyslexia as he struggled with reading. I tried all kinds of vision therapies but nothing made a significant difference. A naturopathy doctor recommended BEMER and within three weeks of using it I got a call from my son’s school teacher asking who his new tutor was. His improvement was significant.”

BEMER therapy facilitates treatment for ailments like arthritis, asthma, osteoporosis, stroke rehabilitation, open wounds and peripheral neuropathy among others. Apart from these, BEMER can also be used as strategic healthcare to improve body’s efficiency, especially for sportspersons. The therapy works well as preventative medication too and
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