Charging the Water We Drink

July 2017

By Dr BK Chandra Shekhar

The basic nature of water is to flow but the kind of water we  drink  these days is chemically purified, packaged and sealed. The water, therefore, is no more in its natural state, making its vibrations automatically low. You will feel the high vibration of water in waterfalls where it is flowing without any obstacles in its path. The molecules of  such water are hexagonally attached. When consumed, this water results in similar bonding in our blood, which provides abundant strength to our body.  Since access to both, a clean flowing river, and a gushing waterfall is difficult, we get deprived of the benefits of drinking high vibration water. But there is a method to positively charge the water we drink everyday.

By energising water with the power of concentration and meditation, the healing effect of water can be retained for 24 hours. “Water molecules react to thoughts and emotions. They are organised in clusters that work as 'memory cells',” says Rustom Roy, a renowned scientist and professor emeritus at Pennsylvania State University.

I have developed a powerful way to energise the water using 3D album.


Charging with 3D image

Step 1: Open the Album_ Go on orange color neurobic image.

Step 2: Concentrate on the orange colour_ After viewing the 3D image of orange colour, rotate your eye ball 21 times clockwise and anticlockwise over the 3D image, making the brain in-tune with the frequency of orange colour. The brain will get resonated after seeing the image continuously for three minutes.

Step 3: Recall the image_ After the brain gets resonated, keep your eyes closed and
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