Combating Self Pity and Downs Syndrome through Naturopathy

Monika Jain as told to Jamuna Rangachari

My son, Chetan (name changed) was born in 2003. He brought me a lot of joy and has made me learn many lessons in life.

The first thing I had to combat with when my son was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and who also had a hole in his heart was shock was depression and self pity. Chetan did not do anything that a child of his age was expected to do. Others caused me more stress by asking highly insensitive questions on what the future held for him and pitying me instead of empathizing with me.

The doctors also gave me no hope at all, not even realizing what I needed then was motivation. At that point, my brother took me to Dr Salila Tewari, a naturopath, who was the first person to tell me that all would be well.


The first day itself,  we saw a ray of hope. We heard our little infant wail when she gave him some acupressure. This was something he was not doing earlier at all so I made up my mind to take regular treatment from her and follow her advice.

Chetan had a diet of fresh juices, goat’s milk and vegetables. We actually kept a goat in our home to ensure his needs would be met. I learnt all that I had to with him and also leant to make my own health also perfect through yogic pranayam like anulom-vilom and a proper diet. My blood pressure that had increased some time back also became completely alright.

In a matter of two years, he was completely alright.  He now goes to regular school, takes care of all his needs and is a bundle of joy to us.

Now, I counsel everybody to never give up, whatever the situation may be. Many do respond, while some just do not get rid of their negativity and self pity. I, however do not give up on anyone and keep trying.

In my experience, more than the ailment, it is self pity that one needs to combat to remain healthy and complete in all respects.

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