Consciousness in 7 Steps

July 2017 

Our aura is a pool of energy surrounding our physical body. This energy flows in and out of our body and at certain locations, flows in the form of a whirlpool. When we are well, the energy flows freely. However, negative thoughts and emotions lodge themselves in our chakras, hampering the flow of energy.

Chakras define who we are. They are seven vortices of energy called chakras that hold the secret of our emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity. Through balancing the chakras and the energy needs they represent, we grow until we attain enlightenment.

When balanced, we all are completely healed. Before we are healed, we must understand all the chakras.

Each chakra marks a phase of human experience.

The Root Chakra governs adrenaline and our fight and flight mechanism. It also governs the well being of our muscle joints, bones and blood. Incompletion at this level leads to material and financial insecurities.

Sacral Chakra governs our gonads and the sensuous aspect of our five senses. It looks after our need for sensuous pleasures and comforts. Incomplete experience at this level creates lust,  a tendency to indulge.

Solar Chakra looks after our pancreas, liver and spleen. Incompletion at this level can create an uncontrollable emotional outburst irrespective of spiritual evolution. 

Heart Chakra looks after our lungs, heart and thymus, and facilitates experience of love for human evolution. Incompletion could create difficulty in forgiving oneself/ others, inhibiting the flow of love.

Throat Chakra governs the upper respiratory track, thyroid and parathyroid glands. If it is not developed well, we may have self-doubt and low self-confidence, despite our  spiritual and material growth.

The Third Eye and Crown Chakras affect our pituitary and pineal glands, and help us connect to the metaphysical world for higher awareness. Incompletion can sabotage the process translation of metaphysical concepts into physical reality of our life. Redikall Chakra Revival helps us discover our blocked chakras and unblocks them by zoning in and rectifying thoughts that don’t work well for us.

Dr Neeta Yuvraj,  founder of Redikall Healing.


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