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September 2017

By Shivi Verma

Dear Reader,

Come September and Indians starts preparing for the advent of gods on their sacred soil. The festivals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Onam, Navratri,  and Dussehra create a special fervour among the masses. Suddenly the clouds of despondency and banality lift, and life gets showered by excitement and hope. As the gods descend on earth to mingle with human beings, the air acquires a special liveliness. There is buoyancy, gratitude and a sense of fulfilment as people taste the ambrosia of interacting with Divinity. This brush with the Divine replenishes our depleting reservoirs and gives us enough strength to pull through the remaining year. What a wonderful understanding between the two planes of existence?!

And this brings me to our cover story for September which is on the sense of wonder. Life can be magic, exploration,  and fun, only if we are able to rediscover the lost sense of wonder. Remember as children how we looked wonderstruck at everything around us? It filled us with a sense of wide-eyed amazement and thrill; and undiluted joy coursed through veins. The sense of wonder opens the portals to higher awakening and makes us sensitive to every sentient being co-existing with us on earth. Let us rediscover this magic key once again through this very engrossing article.
Inspired by people’s interest in organic farming and eating,  organic farmer’s market are sprouting  in almost all the major cities of India. They serve to showcase and sell, not only organic food but also the techniques which are being invented to recycle and upcycle discarded material and waste. We have an article on it. We have two fascinating articles on spiritual travel too, this month. So take a break from contemplative reading and go on tour of different locations that are high on spiritual energy.

Enjoy a festive
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