Come to Coimbatore

August 2017

Life Positive Expo visits South India once again, armed with an array of fabulous facilitators and wonderful workshops promising the participants two days of wellness, happiness, discovery and growth.

Popularly known as the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore is known for its textile industry. A perfect blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities, the city at a cursory glance is just like another metropolis, filled with historical, gastronomical, lingual and visual delights. But for the seekers of Truth, there is a parallel Coimbatore; the city of the ‘Dhyanalinga.’ Situated on its periphery, this 35-feet tall, consecrated source of divinity emanates eternal cosmic energy.

Says Sadguru Jaggi Vasudeva, its creator, “Dhyanalinga is a miracle because in its vicinity there is a possibility to know life at its utmost depth, to experience life in its totality. The sphere and the energy of the Dhyanalinga will create such a possibility for every human being coming in contact with its energy, directly or indirectly.”

A city which reverberates with cosmic energy inevitably becomes the perfect place to hold the transformative Life Positive fest. An invigorating yet safe space for participants to undergo the experiences necessary for their spiritual growth. R Rohith Kumar who attended last year’s expo validates this thought. “I sincerely felt very comfortable and safe in the space you provided. I am quite joyous that you gave me the chance to change my life,” he says.

The third consecutive expo in Coimbatore being organised from August 26-27, 2017 at The Grand Regent hotel, promises two days of knowing, healing and growth to its participants through four dynamic workshops by cutting edge facilitators.

Let’s have a dekko at what’s on offer.

Acupressure for Total Wellness by Ketan Shah

‘The man with the healing touch’, ‘Magic fingers’, and ‘Messiah of the masses’, are some of the titles bestowed upon world renowned acupressure therapist Ketan V Shah. Thanks to his expertise, his workshops are a sell out in every expo. His astuteness, efficacy, integrity, and equanimity have won him admirers in distant corners of the world. Shah has been travelling across the globe since decades, sharing knowledge and tools for self-healing. “I want each one of us to become independent vis-a-vis taking care of ourselves, and our healing,” he says.

Ketan Shah’s journey towards self-healing introduced him to
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