A feast for the East

August 2014

The Life Positive Expo curates a mix of unmatchable workshops, discourses and exhibition on its maiden foray to Kolkata, the land of mystics and bauls

“…when desire blinds the mind with delusion and dust, O thou holy one,

thou wakeful, come with thy light and thy thunder”

…wrote Tagore. And sure enough, here we are, making our maiden foray into Kolkata even as the monsoon skies explode with lightning and thunder. Can the Life Positive Expo have an equally incendiary impact on your past baggage, sloth, desire, and all that stops you from achieving your highest potential? Well, it won’t be our fault if it won’t, for we are putting our best foot forward. We have lined up a class act of some of our very best facilitators; we are availing of the great wisdom of the East, by inviting two renunciates from the renowned Ramakrishna Mission and Yogoda Satsang Society of India to discourse to us, and we have organised a fascinating spirit bazaar of holistic products and services. In short, we are putting together all that makes the Life Positive Expo such a transformative experience wherever it has been held.

This two-day event is being held in the grand and ornate Swabhumi – The Heritage Plaza. As the legend goes, at the site of Swabhumi there used to be an enchanted barren hillock which was transformed into a bountiful land because of the goodness of a charming prince. His belief that people had the option to do things that made them cheerful helped him banish sadness forever from his land. And exactly at this place of serendipity stands the venue of this Expo – Swabhumi. This can be no coincidence, for certainly the Expo too,  has the potential to banish sadness from the hearts of all those who attend it!

Here is what participants of the LP Expo in other parts of the country have to say:

“The Life Positive Expo in Mumbai has been life-altering for me. I was looking forward to it since the day you guys announced it. And it was indeed two of the happiest days of my life!” says AK Shamitha about the 2012 Mumbai Expo.

Says Sonia Kakkar, “I had attended the Delhi Expo held at Habitat Centre in 2011. At that moment in life, I was at my emotional lowest. The workshops with Dr Newton on PLR, Mr Kaul on Theta healing, and Nithya Shanti helped me bounce back. Abundance gradually started trickling into my life. Today, though the situation is still the same, I have changed, my outlook to life has changed. I no longer blame, I see what I could have done better, and try not to repeat my mistake.”

“I began with a doubt whether this Expo was for me as I had not experienced anything like this before. I received a lot!” says Geetika D Dogra about the 2014 Delhi Expo.

So join up, all ye bhadralok and avail of an experience that will be peppier than the mustard-flavoured jhalmuri, more
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