The reality of reality

September 2017

By Shivi Verma

Through constant communion with the Divine, Shivi Verma was finally able to discern why the world was the way it was

Since a very young age I was extremely fond of reading and contemplation. The sight of printed words on a sheet of paper used to pull me irresistibly.

Movies which were arty in nature or raised serious questions about the state of human affairs, society or the government used to be my favourite. They made me think and wonder about the irony of human life. And even though my father was proud of this habit of mine, he didn’t know that it was the cause of my many inner turmoils.The more I read the philosophers, great authors and intellectuals, the more I was perplexed. Great plays, books, and works of art were often tragedies. Newspaper columns of reputed journalists mostly painted a bleak picture of the governance and society. The weak were pitted against a powerful system that exploited them, the lovers couldn’t meet, the society discriminated, relationships used and betrayed, and failures and sorrows abound.There didn’t seem any light coming from anywhere. Based on their interpretation and my own observation, I felt that life was hard, dark, and riddled with injustices and complexities. Questions of all kind haunted me day and night and I often wondered what was the purpose of this life on earth and if God existed why did He have to make life so difficult and painful for everyone? What did He gain from all this? The search for meaning of life finally culminated into meditation, and from there slowly light began to enter my consciousness.

Through constant communion with the Divine, there came a time when the agitations of the mind began to quieten. And then the truth about the strange state of the world tumbled out. I realised that God was not at all interested in making life a trial, or suffering for people on earth.
Infact real life was peaceful, harmonious, and filled with love and joy. The complications that were visible everywhere were caused by the complex thoughts and beliefs of people and subsequently the society. And this complexity arose because of the lack of experiential knowledge of our oneness with the Divine and everything else. The egoic self which considers itself as separate from others, fears dying and is only interested in its propagation. And to accomplish that it can go to any lengths. It could divide, snatch, subdue, dominate, play victim, create enemies, scheme, and create a gloomy picture, if these in any way helped in furthering its own interests. Even great intellectuals who portray the grim realities of the world were not free of this affliction. They stopped at a certain point and didn’t explore further.

The world was nothing but a creation of our thoughts and beliefs. The same thoughts become karma, which go on playing lifetime after lifetime. So if one changed one’s beliefs, one’s reality too would
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