Go with the flow

By Pulkit Sharma

May 2013

When it comes to personal growth, it is best to work at your pace rather than being pressurized to step it up, says Pulkit Sharma

 Sanjeevni (name changed) came with a request for interpreting a dream she had been seeing repeatedly for the last few months with minor variations. In the dream, she was seated on a beautiful white bird gliding swiftly in the blue sky. She was happy but all of a sudden, several colorful birds started following her. They were fast and going in different directions, inviting her to come along. She felt compelled to fly faster and held the bird tightly by the neck. The bird felt suffocated and scared and moved fiercely. Eventually it turned old and black. Sanjeevni felt muddled in her head but glad that she was about to reach somewhere when all of a sudden the bird died and she had an endless fall. She felt that she had entered a black hole from which there was no escape.

After going into the details of Sanjeevni’s life history, psychology, and various associations to the dream, we were able to understand that the white bird represented a deeper part of Sanjeevni, which was keen to evolve, and had worked hard. She was sexually abused as a child and consequently had to grapple with intense pain, rage, shame, and self-doubt. Rather than succumbing to depression, she chose to fight and turned into a confident and sensitive person.

  The present age idealizes speed; everything is supposed to be quick whether it is shedding pounds in the gym or learning to meditate  

Having made a mark in her field, she continued to develop and evolve. However, she constantly felt scared and stressed out. She thought she was being lazy, not doing enough and needed to accelerate. Various attempts to accelerate made her go haywire. As a result, she developed a resistance towards her desire to evolve and gave up. Consequently, she felt meaningless and empty. The reason was that several well-intentioned and wise people gave her inputs to help in the journey towards self-realization, and she felt
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