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June 2014

By Jacqueline Jacques, Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner

The SCIO/INDIGO/EDUCTOR is a highly sophisticated biofeedback and bio-resonance device which was developed to detect and reduce stress, the greatest cause of physical, mental and emotional problems in modern times! This device is the result of more than 40 years of research in the field of bio-energy and quantum medicine.


Quantum medicine is a holistic medicine centered on the various bio-physical mechanisms governing life, including the action of electromagnetic waves.

A ‘quantum’, which is, an elementary quantity of material energy, means the double nature of electrons: both particle and wave. The study of a cell, according to a quantum approach, reveals the existence of inter-cellular communication. This allows the various cellular families to exchange vital information on the overall functioning of the body. Quantum treatment relates to the internal mechanisms of inter-cellular communication and provides the means of restoring this communication when there is a disturbance.

Quantum medicine rests on the fundamental concept that the universe is a field of energy, that all is energy and that we are also energy. It goes much further than a simple method of energy treatment because it gives the body the means to rebalance its deep individual field. There is no longer doubt that any pathology, whether it is traumatic, toxic or microbial, has an inner cause characterised by major states of disturbance of the bodily field. With quantum medicine, it is possible to treat a person in a holistic way, as the doctor/therapist can connect to the client through a range of vibratory levels, from densest to finest. Behind its apparent complexity, quantum medicine is a deeply human method of treatment which takes into account the patient in her totality. This is why quantum medicine is the 21st  century’s health and wellness medicine!

Quantum Medicine is tomorrow’s medicine . . . and will revolutionise our world!

Bill Nelson, doctor, mathematician, NASA consultant, acupuncturist and homeopath, designed an ultra-sophisticated technology, the SCIO/INDIGO/EDUCTOR device to help rebalance the body through micro-currents. Ardent defender of natural medicine, he succeeded in synthesising all the disciplines in which he was trained to create a dynamic method accessible to any therapist and anyone concerned with health.

SCIO/EDUCTOR is based on
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