History of reiki and usui reiki

History of Usui Sensui AND Usui Reiki Ryoho
‘Someone who studies hard and works assiduously to improve body and mind for the sake of becoming a better person is called `a man of Great Spirit`. People who use that Great Spirit for a social purpose, that is, to teach the right way to many people and do collective good, are called `teachers`. Dr. Usui was one such teacher. He taught the Reiki of the Universe. Countless people asked him to teach them the great way of Reiki and to heal them —Taken from the memorial to Usui`s virtue. Saihoji Temple, Tokyo

On August 15, Mikao Usui (his pen name was Gyoho) was born in Taniai-mura (now Miyama-cho) Yamagata-gun Gifu-ken. His father was Uzaemon Tsunetane (a military commander) and his mother was from the Kawai family. His ancestor`s name was Tsunetane Chiba (a very famous Samurai from the 8th century). Note to the Reiki student: Usui was born in the mid-1800 AD; Reiki was not re-discovered by him until much later.

Historic point: `The Meiji Restoration` so-called by the Meiji Emperor, began. During this time (1868-1912) Japan opened it`s doors to the outside world after many years of being a closed country. Many reforms were introduced including compulsory education, the revival of conservatism and nationalism (principles adopted from Confucianism and Shintoism) and worship of the emperor. Note to the Reiki student: For over two centuries (1600-1868) all Europeans except the Dutch had been expelled from Japan. Chinese and Dutch had been confined to special trading centers in Nagasaki only. Japanese civilians were not allowed to leave the country. Christianity was sublimated. All Japanese were forced to register at Buddhist temples. Those Japanese who refused to renounce Christianity were executed, as were a number of European missionaries who refused to leave the country.

At the age of 4, it is believed that Usui was sent to a Tendai monastery, where he remained for a period of years. During this time he studied Qi Gong (called Ki-Ko in Japan, closely related to Reiki) to a high level and was able to do projection healing. He meditated regularly at Kurama Yama. Historic point: Temple schools were quite common in that period of time, but disappeared rapidly as the country was modernized. Note to the Reiki Student: When studying original Usui Reiki teachings, some of the techniques described are Qi-Gong techniques such as: Tapping Hand, Pushing Hand, and Stroking Hand, taught in Okuden (Second Degree Reiki).

Historic Point: Ban on Christianity officially lifted.

At the age of 27, it is believed that Usui converted to Shingon Buddhism from the Tendai sect.

Usui was extraordinarily gifted in academics, studying under adversity. He had a very hard life and often lived in poverty. His memorial states that ‘he traveled abroad TO China, US AND Europe, was a talented,
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