Homeopathy for pets

March 2014

By Life Positive

Healing with HomepopathyHealing with Homepopathy

In a country where the availability of medical care for animals is a rarity, Dr Mukesh Batra, the wellknown homeopath, has opened the first-ever homeopathy-cum-veterinary hospital in New Delhi in January 2014.

Now pet owners can hope to get safe, sound and holistic treatment for their animals. The state-of-the-art hospital, spread across three floors, was inaugurated by Ms. Maneka Gandhi, well-known politician, environmentalist, and animal rights activist.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Gandhi said, “I have seen wonderful results that homeopathy can provide in veterinary treatment.” She mentioned how the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre was using homeopathy for the last eight years to treat animals. “I hope that after 10 years, many such super-specialty hospitals would come up. This is the first one in India and others would follow suit. Till now veterinary hospitals are only backroom enterprises,” she said.

According to, Dr Batra, around 50 per cent of vets used homeopathy in their practice in the United Kingdom. “In India, the use of homeopathy for animals is relatively unknown. With the launch of this new hospital, together with other facilities, we would be able to treat pets with homeopathy; a safe and effective treatment for them,” he elaborated.

This innovative initiative offers a range of services — from blood tests and X-rays to vaccination, grooming, surgical procedures, homeopathic treatment and a pet shop. It is staffed by a dedicated team of trained vets, and equipped with modern technology and
state-of-the-art infrastructure. The hospital has customised operation tables, imported hydraulic machines and bath tubs to ensure zero trauma to pets.

“We are planning to open our next multi-specialty veterinary hospital in Mumbai in 2015, and in Bangalore by 2016. We are planning to add one hospital every year to this initiative,” said Dr.
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