Honour your nature

January 2014

by Chitra Jha

Chitra Jha discovers the innate intelligence of ayurveda, and its central principle of living according to the dictates of our unique constitution.


Ever since I was a child, I spoke about being a doctor.  I often wonder how that thought had entrenched itself in my mind, as there were no doctors in my family; in fact, I didn’t even know any doctor, except for our family physician, who we visited rather infrequently. Perhaps, this thought had taken root as I considered myself an intelligent child, and inherently knew that intelligence is a paramount pre-requisite for being a doctor. Or perhaps, I was carrying the samskaras of a doctor in my soul from my previous births. Today, I resonate with the latter theory!

I grew up with this dream in my heart, but when reality hit in the form of botany and zoology at age 15, I gave up. However, my samskaras could not be defeated so fast. At age 17, I joined the Army Medical Corps as a military nursing cadet, and entered the world of ‘doctors’. While I couldn’t enjoy the study of plants and animals, human anatomy and physiology fascinated me. It seemed like home turf, from day one. No wonder I excelled at it, and the results showed in the blossoming of my medical intelligence. But this love affair didn’t last for long.

With the passage of time, and simultaneous introduction to homeopathy through my boy friend’s family, I found myself questioning many allopathic practices. After marriage, I chose to quit the hallowed portals of modern medicine, and began studying its ‘evolved’ sibling, homeopathy. By the time children came along, I was well entrenched in this gentle and advanced system of healing.

At the turn of the millennium, I got drawn to yet finer systems of healing; beginning with Reiki, and spanning EFT, past-life regression, inner child work, rebirthing breathwork, and family constellation work. As the healer within me bloomed, the desire to be a doctor got satisfied to the core; so much so that although I am entitled to use the word “doctor” as a prefix to my name, I have never used it. I do not resonate with it.

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Purnima Coontoor

Its really alarming how we work ourselves into a state of disease despite nature‘s best efforts to steer us back to the straight and narrow path of good health. Our tendency to resist the body‘s urge to purge itself of toxins is one such. The simple tips at the end of the article are enough to keep us reasonably healthy. Thanks for sharing Chitra!

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