Ketan Shah

10Master practitioner Ketan Shah knows the power of acupressure as a routine appendicitis surgery he underwent went wrong and it was acupressure that helped and cured him. Today, he has traveled all over the world for conducting workshops, seeking to spread the knowledge of this simple yet powerful technique

People suffering from any type of ailment will benefit from Ketan Shah`s book

Acupressure for total wellness (Hindi Edition)

Acupressure for Total Wellness (English Edition)

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Nikita Bashera

Hello Dr, Need your guidance for my baby boy 10 months old with down syndrome. How is acupressure helpful for him?

Life Positive

Acupressure could help. Please give complete details and Mr Ketan Shah could then take it forward.

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Sir I am having gripping or spastic head /face oral mucosal hypersnsivity and the symptoms spreading down to stomac and back down the spine. I have been treated with most of the past and latet tranouiisers/antidepressants/anticonulvsants and what not. My suffering is more than in pat. Any way yo can advise on accupressure to deal with the situaton thanks and with regardsashokkumarpuri

Life Positive

Please consult a specialist..

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Hello Sir, I had a shoulder surgery and during the course, the doctor took tests and said I was diabetic. The rbs was 257, fbs 136 and hb1ac of 7 I consulted our family homeopathy doctor who said that elevated sugar was due to my injury and weight, and advised proper diet and exercise. After losing some weight and following healthy dies of whole grains and vegetables, the fbs showed 95 and pbbs showed 80. I had been put on insulin which I stopped 2 days before the test and had eaten tony one of 2 doses of tablet. Request your advice on holistic healing as I do not want to lead the diabetic life risks.

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Sir, after undergoing neurosurgery one yr ago ,and recovering from left side paralysis ,my husbsnd is doing his daily jobs . but some tightness is there in shoulder .Is accupressure offers any solutions?

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Mona Dutta

Dear Dr Shah, I am 41, female living in Pune. I have been suffering from acute sciatica pain for 7 months. I have a L4-L5 annular disc tear. I have been told my doctors that surgery is the only option, however I do not want to get operated. Could you tell me if accupressure can help heal sciatica? Also, if you can recommend any Pune based therapist you know personally, that would be great. Thank you.

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Abdul Majed

Dear Dr. Ketan Shah, I am a 29 year old working professional. I had prostrate enlargement since approximately 9 years. I was treated for prostrate enlargement and overactive bladder. My prostrate size has reduced to normal but still I have an over active bladder. Due to this I have frequent urination all the time. Due to this I am not able to sleep properly as I have to pass urine at least two times at night. Please help.

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i have been suffering form diabetes type-1 for last 10yrs. now i am 28ys. my resent hba1c reading is (8.5). i have chime(frezze)problem in feet. i have digetion problem(diarrhoea) too, as i have to go to empty the stomach several time after each meal. please help

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DOB: October 13, 1949 Age: 64 I have been consulting your book on acupressure frequently. What are the points to be pressed for tendonitis of Achilles (heel)?

Life Positive

For tendonitis of the Heel, you need to activate the heel points of the legs from the hand. Kindly activate the points on middle and ring finger of both the hands as illustrated.

Activate the points by pressing the same for about 8 to 10 times, thrice a day.

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satinder kaur

i m living in usa from 3 years. i have hyperacidity form 2008, i am taking allopathy madicine daily in the morning ,i want to get rid of this medicine , and from last week i am feeling pain in my cheeks and feeling tired . plz help me .

Life Positive

For Hyper Acidity, you need to activate the LI 1 Point on the fore finger on both the hands. Activate the point by pressing it for 8 to 10 times, three times a day. You could also activate LI 2 point if the acidity is severe.

Home Remedy: Swallowing 8 - 10 raw grains of rice every morning before breakfast helps in reducing acidity.

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