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November 2014

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In India when adults take care of the elderly, they are considered to be fulfilling their duty. But Sri Satish Kaku, a spiritual teacher, an artist, and founder of Swarg Foundation, aspires for more than that.

Sri Satish Kaku: Honouring the elders

Sri Satish Kaku: Honouring the elders

“The elderly are a storehouse of wisdom and knowledge, but very few realise this. I want to create a space for the senior citizens where they would be valued for their experience, learning and wisdom. I will call it Divyalok.”

He adds, “I have bought a one-and-half acre land in Pen in Maharashtra, for this purpose. It will be a full-fledged resort accommodating approximately 150-200 people. Their lifestyle will be spiritual. There will be a meditation hall, a small spa, massage, physiotherapy, and yoga centre, a small theatre, and an inhouse ambulance. Food will be designed by naturopathy. They will be kept physically active and mentally young. Since this plot is on the riverside there will be huts for meditation by the river bank. The aim is to make them happy before they leave this earth.”

This project is one of the many works done by Sri Satishji as he is fondly called by many. He graduated from the JJ School of Arts in the year 1986. He started meditating at the age of 23, where a profound inner transformation changed the course of his life. The next few years marked the beginning of an intense inward journey.

“I realised that there was more to spirituality than what was being shared. To spread awareness I designed my own course called Aatmik Awareness. Then I realised that for people to move towards that awareness they needed healing. This made me design the chakra shuddhi therapy.”

Since the past few years he has been sharing these teachings in a lighthearted way to friends around the world through his ‘Being One’ programmes.

Explaining the prefix Sri in his name, he says, “Sri means Lakshmi which stand for energy. God is always with his energy. At a cellular level you can see that every cell is maintaining itself energetically…therefore it is Vishnu in itself and Lakshmi the energy is supporting it. Sri also means consciousness. We humans too are like individual cells. We are always energetically abundant since divine consciousness never leaves us. Abundance means knowing that you have everything you need and want. Associating it with money alone is a Western concept.”

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