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January 2014

By Suma Varughese

In a new column on how spirituality influences into the life one leads, Suma Varughese interviews Trupti Jayin, the doyen among past-life regression therapists

In the high profile field of past-life regression, Dr Trupti Jayin is a star, thanks in great measure to her popular TV show on past-life regression, Raaz Pichle Janam Ka, aired on NDTV Imagine a few years ago. The show introduced past-life regression to the masses, and generated general fascination for the subject.

Family time: Trupti Jayin with husband Madan and daughter Srishti Family time: Trupti Jayin with husband Madan and daughter Srishti

Family time: Trupti Jayin with husband Madan and daughter Srishti

But even before the show, Dr Jayin brought to the world of spirituality, healing and therapy, a solid base of multi-faceted skills. Having worked in the field of mental health for the past 30 years, she trained as a clinical psychologist and occupational therapist from the reputed G S Medical College, Mumbai. She is also a trained gestalt therapist, NLP trainer and EMDR facilitator. She has done innumerable psychotherapies including dream analysis, art therapy and movement therapy,

She has been closely associated with Adapt, (Spastics Society of India) since 1984, and has developed many psychometric tools for emotional and intellectual entrainment for challenged children.

She lives in Mumbai with her husband and college-going daughter. Although I was unable to meet her personally as she was out of town, the interview below gives an interesting glimpse of the person and the way spirituality is reflected in the life she leads.

How would you sum up your philosophy of life?

The philosophy that guides me in my life is, “What I believe, I become.” Three statements have influenced the way I live. My school motto was “Work is worship” and I have inculcated that in my daily life. Every work I do from cooking to cleaning to clinical work is always done with reverence.

The second statement has been Newton’s Third Law:
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