Light and sound meditation

September 2017

by Damian Healey

Light and sound underpins the whole of creation, as reiterated by masters and mystics time and again. These two elements are the very fabric of spirituality upon which a seeker meditates.

Lights and sounds of varied frequencies make significant changes in a meditators’ awareness, which increases one's potential to know enlightenment. Enlightenment is mankind’s goal; a state of consciousness that transcends all other states.

It has become quite imperative, today, that a large number of people gain spiritual knowledge to bring about peace and harmony. Beings whom we refer to as Spiritual Hierarchy at the ‘light and sound meditation’ have contacted a number of enlightened teachers and urged them to send their energies to people across the globe. This is done by a simple ‘initiation’ through a special touch from an enlightened teacher.

Light and Sound Meditation differs in one simple way; we freely give access to an inner energy that offers the same transforming power that masters and wisdom seekers discovered for themselves or received from their teachers. This is a powerful inner energy with crucial purpose of service and inner illumination.

The initiation is available to everyone regardless of their background. At present, we have meditators in 26 countries and over 200 people have attained enlightenment. We have no leader; each of our teachers follows a set of core principles and takes directives and guidance from the Hierarchy. We have adopted a no charge,  ‘pay it forward’ principle.

Author is a USA based enlightened spiritual guide who will conduct initiations in Mumbai and Delhi on 23rd and 24th September, 2017, respectively.

For registrations, call at +91 9867408194,

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