Meditate to lose weight

August 2017

By Mellissa Nazareth

Most of us struggle to lose or gain weight by focussing on our physical bodies alone. The trick, however is, to win the battle in our minds first, says Melissa Nazareth

The Upanishads say the human body is like a chariot, which is being pulled by five horses. These five horses are the five senses namely sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. The reins (symbolising the mind) are in the hands of the charioteer called intellect who takes directions from the passenger called soul sitting inside the chariot. When the passenger is awake, he gives proper command to the charioteer who steers the horses in the right direction. But when the passenger goes to sleep the horses hold sway and the charioteer submits to the pull of the reins.  However, if the soul wakes up to its higher nature and decides to be proactive, it can use the intellect properly and judiciously. This awakened state can be used to achieve anything in life, including your desired body shape and weight. And meditation is the fastest way to achieve your dream size.

Yes, you heard it right. You can meditate your way to becoming slimmer, fitter and happier.

Meditation is the key to handing over the power to the soul. Once the soul power gets awakened you can use it to achieve any target set by you, which also includes the most elusive goal of weight loss.

Manoj Lekhi believes that practising high vibrational self talk enables our bodies to take their rightful shape

Magic of meditation

Ayesha was bogged down with the challenges posed by an inter-caste marriage. “I was under a lot of stress at home,” she says. “Moreover, I couldn’t conceive and was under medication for Polycystic Ovarian Disease and high blood pressure.” That’s when she approached Anita Pandit, a certified meditation and yoga teacher, and practitioner in Mumbai. “She took me through her meditation sessions which helped me regain my composure. It further transformed my negative attitude towards my weight loss programme and I went down from 80 kilos to 60 kilos.” Ayesha’s delivery too was complicated. Since she suffered from high blood pressure, the doctors were
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