Mindfulness, an app away

September 2017

By Zahabiya Ali

Smartphone applications, like 'Calm', are the latest way to approach holistic wellness

While the body benefits from movement, the mind benefits from stillness. An amalgamation of meditation and yoga is a great way to take care of both these aspects. And while traditional methods of practising mindfulness are aplenty, technology is making its presence felt in the sphere of holistic wellness too. The newest way of practising mindfulness is through the meditation apps for smartphones.
If you are looking for short guided meditation sessions then, ‘Aura’ app is the one for you. The sessions are designed for specific moods, and the app speaks to you through music; very soothing to ears, and a voice that fills you with positivity. It apparently improves your energy level. If you do not wish to follow the instructions, you may meditate on your own using the ‘sounds of nature’ feature sans the speech. The app also features mindful breather, daily reminders and a gratitude journal.
If you are a visual learner and animations attract you then ‘Headspace’ would befit you. This visually engaging app has 10 free introductory sessions with reminders and customisable content. Sessions can be downloaded and used offline. It is a family-oriented app with features like ‘Headspace for kids’.‘Calm’ app is the tool that will help you meditate, relax, focus and sleep better. The app offers you a variety of meditations to choose from. It has body scan, walking meditation, sessions on topics like loving, kindness and forgiveness, and bedtime stories to help you fall asleep quickly.
The social butterflies might prefer the ‘Insight Timer’, a facebook like platform for meditators. In here, you can create a profile with a photo, brief bio, and update your recent meditation activities. The app lets you form or join groups to connect with meditators and teachers. There are sessions on yoga, tai-chi, healing, chanting, walking and praying. Users can have personalised presets with polyphonic bells and various mesmerising ambient sounds.
You can find a number of similar apps available on playstore to suit your approach.

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