Multiple sclerosis and kidneys

By Dr Abid Khan Before reading my article, do remember the terminology of allopathy and acupuncture is different. This will make it possible for you to understand the treatment better. Multiple sclerosis (MS), sometimes known as disseminated sclerosis is the most common form of the demyelinating disorders. This usually occurs between the age of 20 and 40, beginning with weakness ,mostly in legs with increased disability. There are visual disturbances, vertigo, urinary and bowel problems and the disease is often characterized by an alternation of remission and relapse. In Chinese Medicine, MS is not well described and could be included under the Wei syndrom group. In the initial stage of wei syndrome, treatment is given to clear wind heat or damp heat, and in the later chronic stages, in tonifying deficiency. According to me after diagnosing lot of cases of MS, found out that MS is primary linked to kidney deficiency, since the kidney in acupuncture governs the development and maintenance of the nervous system. The personality type of an MS patient is YIN KIDNEY type. The kidneys are associated not only with the development of the nervous system but also the strength of physical constitution and the physiological and psychological development, especially at the main stages of the life cycle. This is a disorder of the brain and the spinal cord in which both symptoms and points used will much depend on which of the spinal segments are affected. Governer, jia ji and inner bladder channel points are used in the affected spinal segment. Back points are alternated with points on the front side of the body .For example,CV.6 is given to strengthen the kidneys and resolve damp, CV.3 for urinary problems,CV.12 for spleen,St.36 to tonify Qi and blood. With regular acupuncture treatment, multiple sclerosis can certainly be handled.  

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