Nature Heals

By Jamuna Rangachari

August 2007

Attune yourself to lessons from nature. that’s the key to health and well-being, says Dr Salila Tiwari, an ardent naturopath

My experience with Dr Tiwari can only be called revolutionary,” says Mr Ravindra Padukone, Sr Deputy Director Gen, Dept of Telecommuni-cation. When he suffered from acute knee pain a few years back, all doctors advised surgery, but he was not convinced that it was the only option. At this stage, he came across Dr Salila Tiwari who helped him bounce back to fitness. When she administered Sujok, 95 per cent of the pain was gone. To tackle the root cause, he went through a detoxification process, and is now strictly on the diet she has prescribed. He now feels 10 times stronger than before; though a heart patient, he has stopped all medication, and since three years, has not visited any doctor, including Dr Tiwari. “It is only when there is a crisis that we pay attention to our bodies,” he says, now convinced that naturopathy is the optimum method for overall well-being.


Madie Ferere, from Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa, was suffering from discoid lupus, an immune system breakdown that had manifested as a skin disorder, among other things. After approaching several specialists with no real success, she was finally cured through naturopathy, undergoing a programme with Dr Tiwari that consisted of various techniques such as yoga (asanas and pranayamas), acupressure, biofeedback (positive thinking), diet change, cleansing of the bowels, as well as the respiratory tract and digestive system, fasting, mud therapy, hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and a detoxification programme that lasted 19 days. When her 11-year-old daughter, Nehanda, had rheumatoid arthiritis, she was told there was no allopathic ‘cure’ for this ailment, but fortunately, naturopathy came to the rescue. With the girl completely healed, Madie was even more convinced of its efficacy, and has become an ardent student of naturopathy. “India has such an amazing treasure in the form of this therapy, and I only hope it recognises it completely and fully,” she avers.

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Naturopaths believe that in a healthy body, even germs are destroyed by antibodies present in the secretions. Instead of concentrating its energy on killing germs, nature cure attempts to invigorate the system, so that germ activity becomes inconsequential. Food, as nature intended, provides the medicine we need to maintain a state of health; in other words, food is our medicine, and our medicine is food. All diseases are due to a disturbance in the body’s natural system that comprises of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Therefore, all diseases are cured by restoring the balance and equilibrium in the body’s method of working. The duration and method could vary as diseases could be acute,
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Anshul Tripathi

Thanks for your atta,lauki juice and for healthy diet.could you please give some information about jhinjholi camp.I am unable to find any information on net,if you please provide any information about camp in jhinjholi that when will this camp will held,i am very thankful to you.
Anshul Tripathi
jhansi (u.p.)

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It is wonderful artical. specially in this precent health system ,where alopathy,ect... treatments are being practiced.Iama Msc nurse would like to do PhD on the topic Effectiveness of naturapathy in promotion of health among Diabetic clients. please let me know how to proceed.

life positive

I am glad you liked the article. Contact Dr Tiwari at the numbers given in the article .. Wish you all the best..

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sudhanshu kothiyal

please share more articles like this...

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This is such a great blog post! Very good information! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you present. It’s awesome blog.

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Dr.Pramod Bajpai

I know very well she is saying right but she herself is ill take daily medicine againest natural laws and full of igo living donot appriciatable at ll.She is not so as she says.

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Ritu Arora

Thank you knowledge for healthy atta, lauki soup and healthy chappatis.

God bless you.

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