From darkness to light

September 2017

By Asha Uberoy

Asha Uberoy was enjoying a pretty successful life when a sudden, inexplicable illeness sent her in coma, from where she returned fully transformed after four days

I had a fairly normal life, until one day when a major disaster nearly killed me. I remember the day my body broke down, just like that in one single moment, and I was declared 'brought dead' to the hospital.

How did it happen and why, makes for an interesting story. It was November 3, 1992. After two years of hard work I had finally started to feel comfortable and settled in life. I thought I had everything a woman could need or hope for. A simple family. Two boys who were doing reasonably well in school. A good, caring husband. A job that I loved. All the simple needs of a good simple life. No worries to bog me down. My husband, an army officer was posted in Delhi. I was working in a scientific institute on an interesting job. My extended family, my mother and brothers were on hand, and life was normal and good. Or so I thought. 

The sudden jolt

It was a beautiful winter day when I had got up one morning, in the month of November. I did feel a little out of sorts but there was nothing much to complain about, no fever or any kind of infection. I decided to take the day off and relax in bed with a good book. I could feel something was amiss but I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with me. After breakfast, I reclined in my bed and tried to relax when suddenly my body began to rock and shake violently. So violently that it seemed to break my bones and tear apart my joints. I was jolted with severe unexplained vibrations and pain and I began to haemorrhage from my lower abdomen. It happened so suddenly that I could not even react or understand what was happening to me. I only remember that I screamed in extreme pain as I fell back on the bed, and saw my mother rush towards me as I closed my eyes.

What happened next is a blur for me. I closed my eyes and was lost to the world. At first, I felt as if I was falling into a deep, dark well which didn’t have a bottom. I just kept falling and falling. I tried to think but only one thought flashed in my mind _ at least the boys are grown enough to look after themselves. I sank into complete oblivion and a deep, comforting darkness enfolded me.

I was rushed to the hospital unconscious, where the doctor didn’t find any pulse and wrote ‘brought dead’ on my chit. But on further prodding they did find life in me and pumped every life saving drug available
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