A new beginning

Dear Reader,

Suma Varughese bid goodbye to all of us as the editor-in-chief of Life Positive, last month.

With the magazine since its inception 21 years ago, she had become synonymous with its ethos and it is hard to imagine LP without her. For me she has left behind a legacy to carry forward, with the faith that I will do justice to this sacred responsibility. I hope that I am able to live upto her and your expectations. Standing on the strong foundation laid down by former editors, LP already has an edge. It is very clear in its goals and objectives and takes pride in being the pioneer of spiritual journalism in India. My job is simply to strengthen it and take it higher.

The cover story for July is on Simplicity. The simpler our thoughts, the better our ability to discern and analyse a situation. Simplicity leads to clarity and clarity leads us to our life purpose. Simplicity also demystifies the laws that govern life and attunes us to our Divine consciousness, from where everything originates. The article explores the idea and also the means by which to embrace simplicity in life. We also have an article on Bach Flower therapy and how it is making a strong comeback in recent times. A beneficiary myself, I can easily vouch for the efficacy of this therapy. Struggling with sleepless nights for many days, three drops of this gentle remedy were able to send me snoring. Another major story this month is on the power of right motivation. Nandini Sarkar, explains how right motivation determines the efficacy of an outcome. Whether it is your work, family-life, or relationship with the Divine, the right motivation ensures the right results. And oftentimes we overlook this very important ingredient of happiness and peace of mind.

Enjoy rainy July and all the bounties it
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