Healing with Ozone

July 2017

Dr Paula Horan has been using ozone for 30 years to maintain health and longevity

Unbeknownst to most doctors, lack of oxygen in the cells is the most common cause of all diseases. Apparently,the oxygen in the air we breathe has depleted by almost half of what it used to be 100 years ago. As a result, the body can no longer create ozone gas, an essential requirement to carry out important functions like oxidation (the burning of weak or dead cells, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells), and oxygenation (empowering the cells) which maintain the immune system and enables healing.

Through the discussions, it became apparent that ozone is nature’s most powerful healer. Bangalore based Dr Suresh Shottam, who has spent thirty years in New York working closely with Dr Robert Atkins of the famous Atkins Diet, said that to heal a disease without the deleterious side effects of chemical drugs, a small shift in thinking was needed: a shift from disease literacy to healing literacy. “Everyone knows that oxygen is essential for living, but few are aware of the vital functions oxygen performs in the body,” he said.This theory was propounded in a one-day seminar titled ‘Live Longer Younger’, which was organised by the NewAge Foundation on June 4, in New Delhi. Dr Paula Horan, Dr Suresh Shottam, Dr Leroy Rebello and Dr Sandeep Bhasin were the eminent speakers discussing the subject.

 Dr Horan, who has been using ozone for 30 years to maintain health and longevity, shared that redox system was the key balancer of health in the body. This system regulates the balance between oxygenation and oxidation, and wages a war against cancer, fungus, and all virus cells including HIV. Hyderabad based Harvard trained medical doctor, Dr Leroy Rebello gave a demonstration of the new ozone machine that can ozonate a one-liter bottle in only two minutes as compared to most other machines which take 15-30 minutes.

 As an organic combination of O2 and O1, ozone (O3) is the natural panacea for virtually all diseases. The information clearly blew away many eminent participating physicians such as Dr Ravi Tuli from Delhi, Dr Rajendra Gehlot from Jabalpur and Mr Sanjay Sachdeva, who runs many wellness centers around the world.

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Pls recommend a doctor who practices Ozone healing in Mumbai. Also where can I learn Ozone therapy in Mumbai. Please advice. Thanks

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