Future life progression by Dr Ritu Singh

September 2017

by Dr Ritu Singh

Many people are anxious about their future or remain intrigued with past lives. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that our current life speaks volumes about our past lives and our future life is a fully germinated seed of what we are sowing today.

A few conditioning sessions under hypnosis is a great start to conducting a future life progression. Many individuals have reaped benefits, after having experienced PLR sessions and ‘in between life’ sessions, thus, leading to a knowledge of current and future life purposes. Life unravels itself before us at every moment. If we practice alertness towards this unraveling, any step taken in awareness and self-realisation in a moment can change all that which was created by us until now.

Future life progression can be used to actualise many beneficial scenarios. A lot of young adults these days are unclear about their life’s purpose due to an inefficient education system, conditioning of the society, parental pressure and lack of motivation. This holistic approach can revolutionise the way one perceives one’s life purpose.

The whole philosophy is deeply rooted into the age-old wisdom of living a life of awareness, contribution and inclusion. Hypnosis provides us an ideal medium that propels us towards realisation and dharma - the rightful action, thus, creating a more progressive future. A glimpse of the same is seen in a future life progression.

Author is a Clinical Hypnotherapy and  ThetaHealing instructor.

For more information, email at healing_path@yahoo.com, www.chi-delhi.com/www.ritutanishi.com, +91
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