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personal growth magazinesRealizing what is truly important to us is a major step towards achieving personal growth and success. We can only promote something that we believe in.

While there are many parameters, we need to remember we must follow certain principles in order to remain on the right path. The principles are many and life is the best way to learn these principles. These may take time but we shall all surely reach there with focus.

All of us carry an inner yearning or an impulse to evolve as human beings as well as fulfill our divine potential. The purpose of life itself is to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. All of us carry an inner yearning or an impulse to evolve as human beings as well as fulfill our divine potential. In some of us this is a very strong desire, whereas in others it is dormant as of now.

In order to grow as a person it is necessary for us to cultivate certain fundamental qualities some if which are


This is possibly the most important quality that we require. It takes courage to face ourselves, act on our personal truth and to admit our biases, prejudices and shadows. It takes courage to own total responsibility for our self, our thoughts, feelings and actions.


Self-awareness requires truth to understand and acknowledge what we really want, think, feel or desire, to admit our fears and insecurities.


Without compassion, truth and courage can be crippling. Through compassion we can use truth and courage to reach the inner self, to bring clarity to our life and to build and strengthen relationships.

The best way to learn these principles is going regularly to the classroom, and practicing the application of these principles.

Where is the classroom? It is all around us when we are leading life.

Who is the student? It is us.

Essentially, we must work on our selves first and only then shall we remain successful in the journey of life.

Personal growth is the process of unfolding your full potential and achieving what you came to the earth for?your own Godhood, no less!

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