Points of Healing

By Suma Varughese

May 2002

Acupuncture and acupressure are two non-drug therapies which are making their presence felt in the complementary medicine scene. And acupressure and reflexology are getting the crowds because of ease of practice. But how do these gentle systems work?

Acupuncture can treat acute sickness too – Dr Ravinder Tuli
By Parveen Chopra


The introduction of acupuncture in the world in recent times is a fascinating story. Delhi-based Dr Ravinder K. Tuli, the leading acupuncturist in the country, recounts that during World War II when the Red Army was fighting the Imperial army, there was an outbreak of malaria. Though quinine was around, Mao Tse Tung was informed about the efficacy of acupuncture in treating, curing and preventing malaria. Indeed, when tried, it proved as effective as quinine. Gradually, the Red Army started using acupuncture in varied conditions. Later in 1949, when Mao took over the reins in China, one of his first pronouncements in the Red Book was that while they should modernize, they should also adopt, develop and popularize traditional Chinese medicine, of which herbal practice and acupuncture are two parts. And when the barefoot doctors concept was formulated to take medicare to grassroot levels, basic training in both the use of herbs and acupuncture was provided to them.

The second episode relates to President Nixon’s ice-breaking visit to China in 1971. James Reston, senior editor of The New York Times, who was in his entourage, developed acute abdominal pain which was diagnosed as appendicitis. A surgical team specially summoned from the USA removed the appendix, but the pain did not disappear. Eventually, they accepted their Chinese hosts’ offer of trying acupuncture and the relief was immediate. The incident made headline news in America. Acupuncture prominently figured in the MoUs signed between the two countries, and a department was set up in George Washington University to understand the practice. Today, acupuncture education and practice is fairly developed throughout the USA.

An MD doctor who has worked for the Indian Air Force and who has learnt acupuncture in China and Sri Lanka, Dr Tuli has been practising the system since 1977. He also uses acupressure, yoga, nature cure, reiki, pranic healing, etc.

He is at pains to explode the myth that alternative systems are good only for treating chronic cases. He relates the story of how once when he went trekking to Gaumukh, India, he found a person in his rest
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Thanks for the informative post. Do you know any Acupressure or Acupuncture specialist in Nagpur, Maharashtra? Many thanks

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madhavan c s

I have read books on acupressure and know the encouraging results for few ailments during the past year. However I did no find any reflex points for the ailment known as paranoid schizopernia. Kindly let me know if there is any books with illustrations for this particular illness

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i am 27 years, i am suffering from Lumbar spondylitis and spine posture correction, is this be cured by Acupunture treatment. please advice me ASAP. Thanks in advance

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Acupuncture Treatment

Thanks for bringing out in detail about acupuncture. It is good to know that many doctors are using this treatment method to cure disorders and even patients are showing keen interest for the same. It would be good to witness the wonders of acupuncture in helping to treat dreaded diseases like cancer.

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I m 26 yrs old n I have diabetes so is this curable by acupressure???? Plz mail me as soon as possible

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I would like to know if anybody knows Dr. Aditi Pandya‘s (mumbai) new contact information. The numbers given in the article above seem to be non functinal.

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Honestly, I haven‘t tried acupuncture treatment my entire life. But I always hear its effectiveness. Thanks for the post! I also have some

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its really interesting subject for everyone these days

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abdus sami

i want to know that is there any recent edition of the book:health in your hand has been published?is social networking possjble wth dr d evendra vora?do yot know about it?then plz reply, s

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This a very handy information. For most moms who just starting out, acupressure is also an effective form of treatment for morning sickness. There`s a pressure point on the center of your wrist, just one and a half inch below the crease. When pressed for several minutes, it can effectively relieve morning sickness.

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I read Dr.Voras vol-2 and really very interested to visit his accupressure centre for my treatement. I would like to know that do you have any tratement centres other than mumbai plese give me the list of your centres.

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Bhadra Mishra

I have gone through vol-I of Dr.Vora`s book. Currently going through vol-II. It really works. I would like to read more about it & also learn if some training centre is availabe in thane city

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ayub thava patel

i am interested in accupressure
cures.i have read vora book part 1
and part2. realy interested. i want learn about pressure point.
i have rhumatisum
my knees are effected. now is bandmy legs.difficult to walk.even i can not stand up 1 minit

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drpradeep sharma

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Arasu S

I find the points very interesting and decided to read more. I have purchased Vol-I and Vol-II of Dr Devendra Vora. Let this natural way of healing be the life style Regards

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is acupuncture successful in curing rheumatic artheritis?
genuine acupuncturist in delhi?

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Though not very old, the contact No. and other details of Devendr Vora appear about a dedcade old. I found from phone No.9820154410 that he left us in December‘12 at around 85 years age.

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kindly let me have name address of person pracitsing accupressure in hyderabad/secunderabad

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hi Suma trust u r doing fine....
have been busy guiding friends and their friends into acupressure and EFT....today saw this page and forwardidng to some friends...thanks a lot for the info.

take care ..havea great day.
rgds shirley

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I read the book and i want to learn more and practice to help myself and others. Pl send mail about the rate and date of course in chennai at the earliest.basically i am having some knowledge in heomopathy and i am an home maker

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My mother is 54 yr old. she is getting choke in the thoart every night . She is unable to sleep properly. Can this problem be treated through Accupressure? Kindly inform about the prefeered clinics in Bangalore.

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sir/madam am fron chennai,my child is 3year old and gradually at the age of 2nd year he was unable to balance and walk,he used to fall while sitting,we have consulted many doctors,finally they were not able to judge the scan report but declared as cerebellum palsy.kindly help me how to go for accupresure therapy.

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i am having regular disorder of bowel, i have chcked with colonoscopy nothing has been found only a slight uncerative colitis found. i am having this problem atleast once or twice a month it will of loose motion 5 to 6 times a day unable to control . a yellowish motion with mucus kindly suggest

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i bought bengali edition of health in your hands recently.this ic very interesting nd helpful for human being.how can i get 2nd edition in dhaka bangladesh??

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Thank you for sharing such an informative article on acupuncture. People in the west are still very wary of the amazing effect this has. Should anyone be in Los Angeles and need acupuncture please see http://acupunctureinlosangeles.com

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charmi savla

hi m a student..m vry mch intrestd in learnin accupunture course pls suggest me gud class in thane or mulund......awaitn 4ur reply......

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My wife suffers from swelling of feet and urine infection.pl guide me how to treat with accupressure in Hyderabad

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Sonali Gadre

I would like to learn the art of acupressure for personal use. I live in Malad(w), and i am a busy housewife, but can remove time during the weekends. Please suggest where i could go and the cost of the course too.

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I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW about PHD(acupuncture course in chennai)

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Parvathy Harish

Hi Sir ,
I would like to pursue a course in Accupressure in Mumbai.Please advice the place where you teach or course takes place with the rate for the same

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Pooja .R. Gattani

i hv a prob , i hv a patient suffering frm chronic diabites n acc 2 hr due 2 high diabites her right side got paralysied n due 2 tht she is still facing pain. BUT AFTER I hv started giving her acupressure treatment she feels really gd .My Q. 2 U Is tht within hw mch time it will take 2 heal?
she is 63yrs old.

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me prasad from andhra pradesh i have learned acupressure through Rewantmal jain and i use to do the acupressure for the people who was suffering for pains, migrain, and spinal problems like that i use to do for common and short problems and i use to get the results and i was happy when i get blessings from them and i use to share this knowledge with some members also and doing motivate them to be far with allopathic medicine for common problems and i use to tell about gruha vaidya also. recently one of my friend is affected with kidney tumor can we cure the kidney tumor through acupressure if so please say the points and suggest the diet to be taken and also the medicine preferable thanking your sir.

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rajeev Kishore


My wife is suffering with neurofibroma since June 2012. It has been clarified by CMC Vellore doctor. But as per doctors there is no remedy in medical sciene for this disease. If this disease can be cured through either acupressure or acupuncture. Kiindly guide me. Right now I am in Hyderabad.

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My father is suffering from Parkinsons plus. He cannot walk on his own and his left side hearing and eye sight has become very poor. Doctors say that he is in a very advanced stage. Can you suggest me accupressure points for him and any accupuncturists in Cochin?
I would like to know if accupressure can do good in his case.


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syed mujahid ali naqvi

i have transplanted my kidney b4 one year. now i want to know how to care. and latest medicines. till now all my medical reports are o.k/. any latest medicine or any new information regarding care my new kidney if u have please inform me.

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i am 78yrs old and gone thro byepass surgery in 1986 and 1993.
i am a vegetarian.5ft8‘‘ tall 67kgs wt
i go for rgular walks in the morning for about 40mts with friends
on 1st march this year i had slight chest pain and mild sweating on the brow.
immidiately i have put sorbitrate5mgunder the tongue.
i went to my regular doctor and ECG has not shown any indication
i am now on the regular allopathic treatment.
last few days i am walking both morning and evening for 20mts with sorbitrate under the tongue.no discomfort. howevcer certain times i feel slight uneasiness at the left end near brer rpto breast nipple, which creates anxiety.
i am practicing dr goels health in hands points for the past few months. can you suggest how i should proceed further.
no costipation as i take a guva fruit almost daily for the last one month. thanks

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imran inamdar

Iam 27 years old my head are grey hair come so wath is soulotion please sugguest me

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Shakti kumar

Dear sir,
i have a soft and painless gland on my arm from 3 year. I was treat by homeopath but not cure. Doctor sayed that it is neurofibroma and no medicine in world for neurofibroma. Please help me, i am very tens.
jhumri telaiya

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My Name is Kameshwari and 30 years old married for two years. My husband is suffering from Azoospermia.

Can you tell me the suggestion to
rectify it.

Note: I am doing my MD in accupunture through Arrokya,Tirupur.

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Please read http://www.lifepositive.com/Body/Acupuncture/Acupuncture_to_the_Rescue82010.asp

Dr Muthukumar is now in T Nagar and his number is 09444064553

Wish you all the best for good health and happiness

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Senthil kumar

Dear Sir/Madam,
Am V Senthil kumar. The Nilgiris Dist. Tamilnadu. My son Master. Sourish 8yrs. struggle to walk, run,sit, jump.The doctors report says DMD (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)Can you give me the treatment for him. If yes, kindly tell me the centers near by coimbatore, Chennai or in Tamilnadu.
V Senthil kumar
II/141, Annai Nilayam,
Spring view, Wellington Bazaar (po), The Nilgiris.643232. South India.

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