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January 2015

By Suma Varughese

Natural Kingdoms, Healing with Homeopathy, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Penguin Books, INR 299; 240 pages

I have heard of Dr Rajan Sankaran as a remarkable homeopath, but it is clear that he is also a very good writer for his simple and clear prose is a pleasure to read. As he explains, homeopathy is the Law of Similars. This means that whatever mental and physical symptoms are generated by a medicine when imbibed by a healthy person, are the same symptoms the medicine will cure. Therefore, the homeopath’s endeavour is to capture as many symptoms as he can of the patient, in order to be able to find a match among the medicines – the key to a successful cure.

Natural Kingdoms, Healing with Homeopathy, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Penguin Books, INR 299; 240 pages Natural Kingdoms, Healing with Homeopathy, Dr Rajan Sankaran, Penguin Books, INR 299; 240 pages

To facilitate this, Dr Sankaran and his colleagues came up with the concept of the three natural kingdoms. Most homeopathic medicines fall within the categories of mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. Dr Sankaran also surmised that most of us react to circumstances and situations in three distinct ways: either in terms of a loss or inner lack; or as a jarring experience; or thirdly as a  matter of competition or survival.

According to Dr Sankaran, the first category corresponds to the mineral kingdom, the second to the plant kingdom, and the third to the animal kingdom. Therefore, the medicines too could be narrowed down to these three kingdoms. This innovation helped Dr Sankaran to diagnose with greater ease, much to the benefit of his patients. The greater part of the book takes us through the healing journeys of three people, Bharat, Dr Ali and Chetan. The various angles through which their life stories are reviewed, the intense investigations to reveal the nature of their central disturbance, almost give the book the flavour of a whodunnit. Bharat’s case, a frightened and depressed young man who had been terrorised and physically abused by his father from the age of four, was particularly heart-rending. It was a great relief, therefore, to discover that Dr Sankaran was able to identify the right medicine and use its efficacy to miraculously transform him into a poised and happy human being.

What I found most inspiring was Dr Sankaran’s
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