Reiki Masters and Reiki Schools

Here are the Master Level students taught by Mrs. Takata: Paul Mitchell, Beth Gray, Ursula Baylow, Barbara McCullough, George Araki, Iris Ishikuro, Fran Brown, Barbara Weber-Ray, Ethel Lombardi, Wanja Twan, Virginia Samdahl, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Dorothy Baba, Mary McFadyen, John Gray, Barbara Brown, Shinobu Saito, Harry Kuboi, Patricia Bowling Ewing, Bethel Phaigh, Rick Brockner, and Kay Yamashita.

It is said that Usui Shiki Ryoho holds true to what was taught by Takata. Most Reiki Alliance Masters teach Traditional Reiki and some independents follow this tradition.

Three degrees are taught. Traditional Reiki is usually taught orally with little or no notes given. First Degree: four attunements; teaches the history, precepts, a series of hand positions and disease cause/effect and treatment. Second Degree: one or two attunements; teaches three symbols (names, meanings and how to use them), a distance/absentee healing technique and a mental/emotional balancing technique. Mastership Degree: one attunement; teaches one additional symbol (name, meaning and how to use), how to do first, second and master initiations, a breath empowerment technique and other things.

See The Reiki Alliance or to contact teachers of this branch of Reiki or visit their website Usui Reiki Healing. There are numerous Independent Reiki Masters who teach this tradition.

Raku Kei Reiki

It is believed that Iris Ishikuro added much of what is taught in Raku Kei. It is known that Iris was a Johrei Fellowship Practitioner, as well as a Takata-trained Usui Reiki Master. Raku Kei is also sometimes referred to as `The way of the Fire Dragon`. Raku is the vertical flow of energy and Kei is the horizontal flow of energy in the body.

First and Second Degree: taught as one class; two attunements; teaches a different history about a man named Rolf Jensen who took Reiki from Dr. Usui, precepts, hand positions, disease and treatment with Reiki, uses Master Frequency plates (with antahkarana symbol inside) to switch the polarity of the body to left giving/right receiving (Robertson claims Takata and Ishikuro had and used these plates), three traditional symbols are taught, plus 1 additional symbol, a distance healing technique and three kanji hand positions (mudras). Third Degree is called Reiki Sensei: 1 attunement; requires that the student buy 1 Master Frequency plate; teaches deer exercises, attunements to all three levels of Reiki, plus a white light initiation, a breathing technique called ‘Breath of the Fire Dragon’, 2 additional symbols, the water ceremony, use of herbs and minerals, Reiki Master Spinal Therapy. Master/Teacher Degree is a called a Certified Reiki Sensei: It is required that the student have 3 large Master
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