Reversal of my heart ailment, naturally

By Orlando Braganza

On 23 Dec 2013: My routine medical pre-sea test revealed a positive stress test result. ( I was advised angiography). On 27 dec 2013: Angiography revealed 5 artery blocks of critical nature. CABG was recommended. While planning my surgery, and at the threshold of an appointment with a renowned Cardiac surgeon in Mumbai,

I stumbled by my good destiny, upon a path that led me to believe I could completely reverse the disease naturally.

This path was laid out by LIFE Positive via the link:

This was sent to me by a caring young friend on 29 Dec. 2013.

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Cascading into alternative therapies and cures for my condition from this link, I was able to get all the information I needed to change the course of my life. Instead of succumbing to the much hyped Bypass method and surgical interventional approach and it’s inherent after effects, I got the courage by good guidance to take the natural holistic approach to heal and reverse my condition and have achieved success as explained below :-

I continued the medication prescribed post angiography for blood management and blood pressure control and: on 08 January 2014, I embraced the non invasive treatment program prescribed by The Global Heart Foundation Pune.

I did the recommended 35 sessions of EECP between 08 Jan 2014 and 22 Feb 2014. I had Placed in my psyche what EECP does: Induces Formation of collateral blood vessels in the coronary artery tree by stimulating release of nitric oxide and other growth factors within the coronary arteries. EECP acts as a form of passive exercise, giving persistent beneficial changes in the autonomous nervous system that are seen with real exercise. LONG LASTING beneficial changes are PROVOKED in the circulatory system.

I have completed an ayurvedic  course of Myodrops capsules, taken the max dose of 6 caps a day. It is a well researched medication, approved by FDA India.

Action of the formulation:

  • Improves myocardial contractility
  • Enhances myo perfusion
  • Improves arterial elasticity
  • Clears soft plaques
  • Increases Myocardial blood flow
  • Opens up collaterals
  • Reduces abnormal dilation of the heart

Regular daily exercise,:  Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation. When calm state of no thought is reached in meditation: Used visualization. Choosing and directing a mental image of something you want to occur.

Maintained a diet about 75% as recommended by Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Deshpande in his book.

Dumped my regular alcohol evening drinking habit and therefrom dropped 12 kgs body weight and belly fat. I am now at 6 ft tall: 71 kgs weight.

Regularly take Heart friendly foods like pomegranate, apple cider/garlic/ginger/lemon/honey, coriander juice.

Besides, I used a psychological program introduced by the renowned Dr. David.R.Hawkins of cancelling all negative beliefs lurking in consciousness, and building up my confidence in the amazing capacity of the body organism to heal itself, if the illness causative factors are reversed.

My Angiography report  of Dec. 2013 showed blocks as : 99%,70%,80%,90% and 75% in the major coronary arteries. My thalium scan report of July 2014 post treatment at Global Heart  has been informally analysed by Doctors in the US via my sister’s contacts. I wanted To understand by another source, my current status as mentioned in my thalium stress test report  taken in July 2014 ( I completed the stress test protocol ). The report says:

.. Fair exercise tolerance with normal heart rate and BP response.                                                                     .. A Small area of  “ Mild stress induced reversible ischemia “  involving part of apex and apicoseptal region.

After 6 months post treatment, I walk/jog/climb 6 floors to my residence /cycle daily. I swim half hour when the weather is favourable.

 Feedback received: From sister in the US:

Hi Orlan,

Your Lab and Thalium scans/ Stress test are very impressive. You have no risk factors when it comes to abnormal lipids, diabetes, over wt, gut obesity. You have maximised your medical therapy and lifestyle changes to bring about this dramatic reversal of the blockage and prevent cardiac events

You were never diagnosed with heart disease. You were very fortunate to unravel the risk factor with 5 blockages while the thalium test clearly shows there has been no damage to the heart

A small area of mild stress induced reversible myocardial ischemia involving part of apex and apicoseptal region.

I read the following about results from Thalium tests and informally confirmed this with a few docs here.

If the thallium scan shows that despite considerable narrowing of a coronary artery the part of the heart in question is adequately supplied with blood, then also bypass surgery is not advised. The thallium scan test is a stress test in which radioactive thallium is injected into the blood and the patient is asked to walk on the walking machine. Thallium reaches the heart and the series of ‘photographs’ of the heart show where it has reached. If a particular part of the heart is dead and hence does not receive any blood, this part looks different on the scan-photograph. Thallium scan can sometimes be used to avoid angiography. If the cardiologist suspects that though the report of stress test is positive, the report is doubtful and the patient does not have IHD, he/she may advise a thallium scan instead of angiography.

If a thallium scan shows normal blood supply to all parts of the heart muscle, the positive report of the stress test is discarded. If, however, the thallium scan shows reduced blood supply to a part of heart, the patient has IHD and angiography is needed to decide exactly which coronary artery has been significantly narrowed.

I may add that I feel I was able to achieve cancellation of the disease in my psyche to the tune of 90%. There was 10% apprehensions/fears/doubts still prevailing. The results show that my cure has been proportionate to the extent of positive belief I could impact into my consciousness.

Part Two


Please find some brief yet complete information about my line of treatment for CAD.

I am basically driven towards a holistic self healing program that I have prescribed for myself to suit my needs. From my own personal experience and research, let me say that this so called CAD and consequent heart attack risk are manufactured by vested interests like media, so called renowned Cardiologists, hospitals and Drug companies for nefarious reasons to make money from a persons illness. If one understands what is going on and how one may have put oneself at risk by bad diet and a stressful life, one can easily but with patience and perseverance, reverse the disease.

I believe you can get a better understanding of the condition, why it happens and how to reverse, by reading the book By Dean Ornish. Thereafter following the principles of reversal of CAD and having in addition: EECP and a herbal drug remedy like Myodrops is a sure shot way to complete healing and recovery.

In brief: For those vulnerable to having CAD or at risk,:Stay away from media propaganda as it imprints itself on the mind and then gets adsorbed into your consciousness eventually actually making you vulnerable to a heart attack. Imbibe yoga with pranayam and meditation as a daily way of life. AVOID any cooking oil and deep fried foods, processed foods. Skinless chicken about once a week with a veg diet  is best. Fish is OK and no yellow of egg. Only Low fat milk or cheese, yoghurt in moderation. Total cholesterol by any means must be kept below 150.

Part Three

Understand the powerful psychological dimension involved in the healing and recovery:

Key phrases.:

→ We are subject ONLY to what we HOLD in mind

→ What you HOLD in mind you HAVE in your body

→Therefore: In dealing with pain and suffering of any kind, it is first necessary to Discontinue, Let go, and cancel all our belief systems about that. It is the belief system that creates the experience. As if the mind justifies what it believes to be true.

→ Process of cure effectively starts when we cancel all our belief systems and mental programming connected with the disease.

Part Four

Understand the powerful negative impact of mental and emotional stress as the foremost causative factor in heart disease.  Imbibe a culture of forgiveness, find ways to rid yourself of underlying anger, live a life with positivity.

I have made it my social mission to help others in a dilemma over their cardiac situations and  I reach out to whoever cares to listen or who call on me by reference from Global Heart , that : One can be healed without unnecessary surgeries..

With Love and Peace , Live Life POSITIVE and health will follow….

Orlando. Julian. Dominic. Braganza, Pune. 9890860245.

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