There are many ways TO induce past life regression. However, IF you are doing it WITH a GROUP of friends, be sure that you feel comfortable WITH them.

Sound Simulation

Play soft AND monotonous music AND face a wall IN a dimly lit room. Single notes played BY a woodwind are effective, AS IS soft meditation music. These sound frequencies transport you INTO an altered state of consciousness.

Mirror Method
IN a dimly lit room, focus ON your reflection IN a mirror held BY you. Soon, the reflection would CHANGE AND you might come face TO face WITH your personality FROM a past life.

Historical REFERENCES Here, a person mentions a particular country OR TIME IN history AND ALL others are asked TO concentrate FOR five OR ten minutes TO see IF they feel ANY CONNECTION TO it. This IS repeated.

Focused Reading EACH GROUP member makes SOME intuitive COMMENT about the past life of the participants. It often reveals surprisingly similar responses.

Resonance Method
DO you feel a special affinity FOR ANY country OR culture? Are your tastes SPECIFIC TO ANY period? See IF you can find a pattern IN your behavior. IN fact, ONE of the many indicators of your past life IS also the kind of climate you`re comfortable with. Even your body structure, especially your eyes, often bear a close resemblance to your past persona.

Caution: Make sure that there is at least one healer or therapist in your group.

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