Soul mates forever

August 2014

By Suma Varughese

Dr Newton and Dr Lakshmi Kondaveti, renowned practitioners of past-life regression, talk to Suma Varughese on how spirituality has shaped their lives and thoughts

Dr Newton Kondaveti and his wife, Dr Lakshmi, look like fresh-faced youngsters just out of college. And yet, in the spiritual world, their names command tremendous respect and love. If past-life regression is virtually a household practice today, a great deal of the credit goes to this Hyderabad-based couple, who was among the early pioneers of this technique.

Their indefatigable efforts to popularize the science has created a huge industry and thousands of practitioners.  Today, they claim to have conducted more than 100,000 past-life regressions.  This apart, they have founded several organisations such as the Life Research Academy (LRA) whose purpose is to conduct courses on past-life regression, inner child work and breathwork; and Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR) which supports research on reincarnation and past-life regression. Their most ambitious plan is the Life University, which is a prototype of the ancient universities of Takshashila and  Nalanda. Their vision is as lofty as it gets: to see every individual on Earth becoming a realised master. To this end they have travelled to over a hundred countries to conduct workshops on spirituality. Well, if this does not materialize any time soon, it won’t be their fault!

dr newton

This affable down-to-earth couple has been a part of Life Positive Expos from the beginning, and over the years one has learnt to have a real affection and regard for them. Read on for insights into how they conduct their spiritual lives.

Both of you have achieved so much since you entered spirituality. Looking back, did you ever think all this would have been possible?

We followed our hearts from the beginning. We knew that every dream would manifest as a reality if we were consistent in efforts.  We truly believed that everything was possible, not just for us, but for everyone. Every dream can be translated into physical reality.

What is the source of your inspiration?

During meditation, I, Newton, recalled and relived many of my past lives including one as an Acharya at the ancient university of Takshashila, where I was teaching reincarnation and the law of karma. I got the following insights: Our external environment is a reflection of our
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Poulami Sen

The most logical and spiritual scientists - Newton Sir and Lakshmi Madam...My all time super favourite. You both always preach something that makes our lives more powerful, happy and positive. Thank you. We all feel safe under your canopy of morality and spiritual extracts. Lastly thanks to Suma Varughese for this womderful interview of THE LIVING LEGENDS - Newton Sir and Lakshmi Madam

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Awesome. Wonderful Interview.

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Thanks to sharing great article..

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Srini Sanku

I am amazed at their abilities and and their commitment to transforming this world. Actually they are pursuing the dream of transforming this world in to paradise i.e what the created has devised for this universe. I have no words to express gratitude . In the form of service they are doing to the nature by form of enlightening people and raising them to new heights, I also pray to the mother nature to provide them with best of the best things in life , so that they can inspire so many lifes. God bless this wonderful couple. In future I will join their path .

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Eternal Bliss ! Dr. Newton and Dr. Laxmi, I am a great fan of yours. Somewhere i feel someday i will work with you to fulfill the objectives. There is definately something which is divine, which is eternal love and when i see you as a couple i feel you both emit that energy and love to the people around you. May you achive all the success in fulfilling your objectives!

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S Shaktika Padmana

Simply superb.

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Good individuals performing excellent seva. Salutations and Congratulations to the soul mates!

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amarjit singh

I was just mesmerized reading each word of this interview.dont know why i am so much affectionate to know each and every detail about both of you.I so much relate with both of you.

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Radha G

Thank you for this wonderful interview!

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NIdhi Tewari


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