Tapping the Healing Stream

By Armgard Traulsen

October 2003

Bruno Gröning became known in Germany in 1950s for his astonishing healings. Today, physicians from 50 countries join hands to extend the benefits of his spiritual healing to people worldwide

`Only God can Heal`
Dr Gerhard Blättner, Director, Medical Science Group, talks about his experience with Bruno Gröning`s teachings


Why do you, as a physician, commit yourself so strongly to spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning?

It is my firm belief that all physicians today have a duty to help their patients. But if his knowledge is not enough, then a physician should consider, without prejudice, other ways that could help his patients. I heard of Bruno Gröning and the Circle of Friends years ago. When, through verification of reported healings, I saw that even severe chronic ailments have simply disappeared, then I knew that I can`t and shouldn`t remain silent about what is happening here.

There are many other directions in naturopathy as well as in the area of spiritual healing. Why opt for the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends?

For me, personally, this isn`t the only path, but the best one, because it is so simple. My goal is to be able to impart something simple to people free of charge by means of which they can help themselves. That is what we need in today`s health situation. My colleagues and I also notice this in particular during our lecture trips to the poor countries of the world. In the lectures we explain to the people how they can open themselves up to the Healing Stream according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Many people in the audience immediately feel the power in their body. We see the first healings during the lectures themselves. Local groups are then formed and they develop a momentum of their own-they grow on their own because it really helps.

What is it about the teachings of Gröning that is for you, as a physician, specially important?

Besides the simplicity and the fact that it doesn`t cost anything, its naturalness and clarity are very important to me. I always emphasise in my lectures that reputable spiritual healing, whether here in the Circle of Friends or elsewhere, is open and clear, not mysterious and mystical.

Gröning emphasised time and again that he doesn`t say anything new, but that it is merely an ancient knowledge in today`s terms. This knowledge should really be common knowledge. But it was forgotten or falsified. All religions and physicians of earlier times knew it. This force has definite laws; whoever knows them can use them.

In verifying the healings within the Circle of Friends we see it confirmed again and again how the healing power works on people, if they let it. Here, thoughts and feelings are of great significance. Spiritual healing is more than
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please pray that God will heal me of osteoporosis, severe pain in the spine and pelvis and disability. let the divine healing stream set right problems due to the spine surgery i had 20 months back and set me free. let the same divine healing stream heal my mom and my husband of all ailments. Thank you.

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in 2004 i was not being healed by medical doctor realised that that physician has no way to heal me. i joined bruno groening circle and learned how to absorb the divine healing stream within 15 days of time i was completly healed

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