Praying for God

Someone asked a wise man, Ho, “Is it worth praying?” Ho answered, “Do not ask such questions. You pray when there is nothing else left. You should try doing it on your own. And after that it is worth helping God by taking some burden off him.” “And what is the best way to pray? What words to use?” the person asked. “I think, it is better to pray from the bottom of your heart”, Ho answered, adding, “Why do people ask, ‘is it necessary to pray and how?’ but no one asks, ‘for whom?’” Even more surprised, the person said, “Obviously for themselves or for their loved ones. And for whom do you pray?” Ho looked at him and said, “Many years ago I knew a monk. He prayed to Almighty for the Almighty, to support him. He did not hide it, but he was considered a madman, even among his fellows. He told me ‘Everyone prays to Him for themselves, but who will ask the same about Him?’” The person was confused. He looked at Ho, not daring to utter anything. “I do not know if that monk is still alive, that is why I use his prayer,” Ho explained. The person didn’t ask anything else.


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