The Facebook Sangha

By Suma Varughese

March 2011

Facebook is not just bringing seekers together in unprecedented numbers but is also helping them evolve and grow. Can it be the pivot on which the new age is hinged?

“Life is neither a battle to be won, nor a game to be played. It is a joy to be experienced.”

“Often closer home our blindness is the deeper. Closest to home is our own self. It is worthwhile to discover our essential blindness.”
Kiran Gulrajani

“The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter. So forgive the one who hurts you. They will realise your worth one day.”
Anil Suchak

“No one has travelled the road of success without ever crossing the streets of failure. God never promised us an easy journey in life, but only a safe arrival.”
Nishant Bajaj

“Witness is your deeper self (atman) who knows everything, so when you lie or cheat there is a struggle between that truth and your selfish mind. This stress does not let you realise your potential.”
Satish Kaku

So who are these wise souls? Some unknown savants, sages or enlightened masters, doubtless? Well, actually, I know them better as facebook friends and this outpouring of wisdom is pretty much par to the course on my facebook home page.

Facebook (fb) is everything to everyone, so it comes as no surprise that for the seeker, facebook is the new sangha.

Where else can you find such an assortment of thoughtful observations, piercing insights, powerful experiences, transforming videos or photographs? Not only is all this wealth offered freely for our delectation but we can interact with those who offer it and thereby attain further clarity. Instead of imbibing wisdom from inaccessible gurus and godmen, we can do so from our very own facebook buddies, who may be gurus in their own right, but who are available to answer our queries and comments. To that extent, fb has removed the vertical structure of spiritual authority and enabled us to interact on a level playing field.

Interactive field

Divyaa Kummar, a Mumbai-based spiritual teacher and facebook regular whose posts on spirituality have impacted many, puts it eloquently, “Facebook is literally like coming across an interactive kinetically alive book…where
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asha uberoy

the whole text converges into 2 words

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Though it is heartening to know that community sites like facebook can be a medium for like-minded people and thus for seekers too. However one cannot rely on it completely for building relationships with complete strangers or with people who may be in guise.

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this is retarded. FB is a waste of time. get out in the real world and meet real people. This is only bringing a one world government closer and that is not a good thing. Also, people dont care about their privacy anymore. They just share it all. We should have privacy. It is a basic right. How many hours do ppl spend on fb? instead of making real change in the real world.

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gyanendra mocktan

Thank you for the great job. Humanity has not lost its soul. And world can be still an amazing place filled with abundance. facebook is the place where I could get connected with great mind and soul again after over a decade from distant land. Before that I was completely cut off from them.I feel so breathing and living again with joy and happiness. How should I thank you. Words are not enough.

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Thank You for saying so much I was thinking and more. Divyaa posted the link for me, and although long, I could not stop reading.

I enjoyed your blog soo much from the INTERACTIVE FIELD onwards more than ever.

Loving Blessings Cosmically.

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Awesome writeup! You summed it up so very well! I‘ve met so many wonderful souls on Facebook, and from all parts of the world... it‘s quite amazing!

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