The gift of healing

January 2017


"One night all of a sudden, the lamp in my room lit up, the door opened and I woke up in a state of panic. My family and I ran helter-skelter to catch hold of the burglar but there was no one. The next day when I went to my clinic where I worked as a chiropractitioner, I saw my patients moving with the movement of my hand. It was then that I realised that I had been bestowed with the energy to heal others,” said Eric Pearl, healer, author and facilitator in a three-and-a-half hour event on ‘Essence of Healing’ at the World Trade Centre, Mumbai. He was sharing his encounter with Reconnective Healing frequencies with the participants. This event was a precursor to two-day workshops on Essentials of Reconnective Healing and Reconnective Healing Practitioner Programme.

Eric Pearl shared wonderful insights on Reconnective Healing and was present with his team of healers who ran healing sessions on appointments for the next five days.

“Healing means restoration of balance. Reconnective Healing is a form of healing in which the energies in a person are restored, and blockages cleared without any incision or cut. This leads to emotional stability, positive changes in relationships, enhancement in physical stamina, awareness of one’s true potential, and a sense of wholeness and holistic growth,” he said.

He elaborated, “While the window of a temple, synagogue or mosque may be different from each other, the view of the outside world is the same. Similarly, when we step beyond our perception of limitation, we see wholeness in the Universe. Let’s not wait for science to tell us that we are ok. We all are endowed with supernatural powers; we just need to learn to tap them to heal ourselves and others. Today, science and spirituality are joining hands to create that oneness and expansion of wholeness in the Universe.”

A demonstration of healing was done on two participants. Reena Chandok had bony growth around her shoulders as confirmed by  her X-ray reports. Due to this she could not move her hands up beyond a certain point. Lyzia had the same problem. Eric worked on Lyzia through healing energy frequencies; as he moved his palm around Lyzia’s, she felt her fingers get stronger. Within a few minutes, Lyzia could move her hands normally. She was taken aback and so was the audience. Then, Lyzia did the healing for Reena. As Lyzia moved her palms around Reena’s palms, something mystical happened. Reena felt as though there was a breeze on her, she felt an expansion in her back and felt
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