The Library of God

May 2016

The most revered building at the No Wind monastery was a quite humble structure that stood at the outskirts of the ground and boasted the sign, The Library of God. The monks knew that the building was a special place, not only because they could feel the divine vibrations coming from it but also because all the special monks who Zen Master Blumise had allowed into the library, always came out enlightened.

The strange thing about the library though, was that no one knew which books it held. Whenever an enlightened monk emerged from the library and was asked which book he or she had the privilege to read there, the monks always smiled and said, “You will see when your time comes,” Of course there were plenty of rumours about which books were there in the great library.  Some said the original Vedas, others whispered, the perfect version of the diamond Sutras, the purest Bible. All the monks worked very hard on their spiritual growth hoping to be picked up to enter the sacred library. Only advanced monks ripe for enlightenment were chosen by Master Blumise. Such a day finally arrived for Shanti. She had spent many years at the monastery and Master Blumise now felt she was ready for her final step in her journey. Shanti stepped through the hallowed doors to spend the next few weeks in the isolation of the legendary library. As she walked in she was amazed by the overwhelmingly sacred atmosphere that permeated the entire building. The very air was holy and just being there she felt the blessing of thousands of saints. In front of  her was a great hall. The Only Book You Need to Read was etched above its entrance and in the centre of the great hall sat a silent zafu, (Zen meditation cushion). Shanti smiled as she made her way to the zafu, her attention now fully focused on her mind and thoughts.

- Anmol
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