The New you for the the New Millenium

By Suma Varughese

January 2001

The New Age is here. Can the New You be far behind? Here’s how to package your body, mind and spirit for the Millennium

New Age

The New Millennium,another term for the New Age. And we are obliged to create ourselves afresh. For the New Age asks for a radical change in attitude, perspective, approach and being. The Universe, we now discover, is caring, intelligent, connected and radiant, with energy responsive to our needs and thoughts.

Fundamental to the New Age is the acceptance of a Higher Intelligence that not only created the universe but also is intimately connected to every single atom. The Creator and the Creation are one. How do we respond to this vision of oneness and divinity?

There are certain key attitudinal shifts we must make. The first is the acceptance of the supremacy of the spirit. So far our understanding of life was shaped by our use of the senses. But now we learn that our bodies are containers for our spirit and that this spirit is eternal, undying, and divine; in short, it is the God within us.

If this is so, how do we access the spirit within us? To align ourselves to our spirit and to give expression to it, we need to develop our intuition, for one thing. Our spirit speaks to us through feelings, hunches, visions. The old ways of using reason and logic to arrive at decisions must be tempered with heart. We are no longer driven to do things simply because they are sensible, but because they are what we want to do.

Using intuition as a yardstick throws us with greater dependence on the Universe. And as we abide by its dictates, a path unfolds before us. Things happen that lead us one more step towards our growth. We get insights that open new possibilities.

We sense that we are in the middle of a wonderful adventure and that all that arises in our lives is meant to lead us further towards the goal. And the goal? To access the God within. To become Pure Consciousness itself.

This leads to another attitudinal shift, namely, that our purpose in life is to grow and eventually realize our true nature. We must move from protesting against the many inequities of life to actively cooperating with them, for they teach us what we need to learn. Burdened with a cranky mother-in-law? A floundering business? Death whistling close behind? So much the better! The more the problems, the more springy your step.

It’s a long road that you and I have to travel. We have to get to the Holy Grail of Godhead. And for that we have to vanquish every impediment of the body, mind and
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