The pressure that heals

By Sharukh Vazifdar

February 2010

A relatively new and unknown branch of the acupressure and acupuncture family, Sujok is a quietly effective therapy which balances the energies inside the body and restores health

Shilpa Khedekar treating a patient

When news of the 2006 Mumbai train bomb blasts exploded on TV, Sujok therapists Amarjit Singh and Shilpa Khedekar were in their respective homes, unwinding from a demanding day with a cup of tea. On reading about the severe cases in the newspapers the duo could no longer stay idle. In particular, they targeted their attention on Parag Sawant, a twenty-five year old youth, in a coma. “Doctors could not say when he would regain consciousness or if,” recalls Amarjit. They instructed a relative on how to treat Parag, causing him to heal and come out of it. Later they learnt of another victim, similarly aged, stuck in coma. The two healers instructed his caretakers of how the treatment should be given and he is on his way to a complete recovery.


What would happen if you could trigger the body’s energies so that healing occurs speedily and completely? That is what sujok practitioner and teacher, Amarjit Singh Narula, has been doing since the past 10 years. Suffering from ulcerative colitis for 16 years and unable to find relief through conventional medicine, Amarjit turned to pranic healing and sujok for a cure.

He found it so effective that he learnt the healing technique, and now practises, and teaches it. Developed by professor Park Jae Woo, a Korean scientist and philosopher, more than three decades ago, sujok has spread far and wide. “The results speak for themselves,” says Amarjit, “From paralysis to cancer to organ failure, sujok has successfully treated almost all ailments.”

Pranay Garg, a retired Air Force officer from Hyderabad, practices sujok non-commercially. He learnt different forms of energy healing before learning sujok from PN Jha, a sujok healer from Bangalore. Through this ‘non-invasive self-help technique’, as he calls it, he healed himself of a severe back pain, and helped his wife recover faster from surgery. Since then he has been reaching out to others in need. Involving the patient in their treatment, and handing it over to them, for simple cases, is what Pranay appreciates the most about sujok.

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Hi I have psoriatic arthritis and my fingers have deformed .please advise if sujok therapy can stop this condition and if my fingers can be straightened Pls suggest what I can do Look forward to hearing from you soon Kind regards Shuja

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