The test of the seeds

February 2016

A wealthy old man had sons who were triplets, and he was unable to decide whom to leave his property to. He sought advice from a a wise man. The old man then went home, and gave one thousand silver pieces to each son and told them to purchase flower seeds.

The sons did as told. Carts and carts came, full of seeds. Their father said, “I am going on a pilgrimage. I may take one to three years to return. You have to keep these seeds with you, and give them to me on returning. And this is going to be a test too. Whoever proves wiser will inherit my whole property, so be careful,” and left.

The first son thought, “This is a strange test. If he comes after three years these seeds would have died. So the best way is to sell these in the market, keep the money, and when he comes back, purchase new seeds again to show it to him.”

The second son thought, “What this brother is doing does not seem to be right because our father emphatically said, ‘The same seeds I would like to be returned.’ So I will keep these seeds.” He made arrangements in the basement of the house, put all the seeds there, locked it, and said, “Now whenever he comes I will give him the key and say, ‘These are the seeds.’”

But the third one had a different idea. He thought, “Seeds kept in a basement will not remain alive; they need soil. The seeds that our father has given us can sprout, and become trees. One seed can produce millions of seeds.” He went behind their house and sowed the seeds all over the land. Each year they became a thousand-fold more.

After three years when the father came, he could not believe his eyes. As far as he could see his whole land was full of flowers! He said, “The third son inherits my property because he knows how to expand, how to increase.”

In the same way, God too gives to those who know how to increase.

– Osho, From Darkness to Light

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