Thou art that

September 2017

As part of a festival, a play was being organised at the king’s court. The play needed a five year old girl for a small part. The queen thought, “Let's dress up the prince as princess. He is of the right age and nobody will know.” After the play, the queen was so awed by the prince's cuteness as a girl that she asked an artist to paint a picture of the prince. After many years when the prince was about 20 years of age, in one of the store rooms he found the picture of a little girl. On reading the date on the painting, he realised she must be of his own age. Day and night he fantasised about the princess, imagining how she should look now. The wise old minister realised that the prince was smitten by love.

“My prince, what is the matter? Please, tell me. I might be of some help,” he asked.

Said the prince after some reluctance, “There is a girl I am in love with.”

 “What is her name?”

“I don't know,” answered the prince.

“Who is her father?

“I don't know,” again said the prince.

“Where did you see her?” The minister tried to help. The prince took the minister to the old store room and showed him the picture of the princess. The minister looked at the picture closely, and remembered everything.  "Oh my lord, thou are that," exclaimed the minister. He explained everything about the picture to the prince, and suddenly all his desire for the princess vanished. When we realise that we are the spirit, which is everything we desire, every experience we experience, it sets us free of desires
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