Transformative tele-summits

June 2017

New Age spirituality has found a unique match in digital media. With its fast pace and quick gateways, the world wide web has made spiritual tools and techniques easily accessible to the modern day seeker. Interestingly, tele-summits are emerging as one of the most celebrated avenues for life-transformation in the New Age. A tele-summit is an online event which brings together a group of speakers to discuss a specific topic. The host interviews them one by one, for the benefit of the listeners. Scores of people have benefitted from this digital activity across the globe.

Along with many, Eram Saeed too found herself in a cornucopia of joy and abundance in mere seven months of being part of various tele-summits helmed by renowned life-coaches of the world. Apparently, immersing herself in these free and transformative tele-summits ensured a 360 degrees turn in her life. Going through a heart-breaking divorce and a downturn in business, Eram was both broke and miserable. However,instead of giving into depression, she decided to take the bull by the horns and face the challenges head on. Later her problems unveiled themselves to be hidden opportunities of self-transformation.

One of her friends introduced Eram to the phenomenon of free tele-summits where she found a host of life-coaches and healing guides. It wasn’t an overnight process but by listening to these free calls with experienced healers, Eram began to create a new life for herself that was filled with joy, love and abundance. But her story didn't end over there. Life had much better plans in store for her.

Eram was offered an opportunity to create her own tele-summit, to which she wholeheartedly agreed. Now in its 14th season, her tele-summit, titled ‘From Heartache to Joy’ brings together intuitives, thought-leaders, healers, masters and teachers, who seek to empower and change the life of others. One can listen to these enlightening telesummits for free as over 50 A-list speakers share their wisdom and energy healing everyday.

"Most people think that their life is based on factors such as, how much money they have, their current relationships or the status of their health. And when they find a problem in any of these areas, they try to address it individually. The truth however is that these ‘surface’ issues never heal alone, as they are often created by past events that one is not even consciously aware of. By immersing the self in energy healing, one accesses the power to
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