Sailing through transition

September 2017

By Melissa Nazareth

Change is inevitable and can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually draining. Melissa Nazareth explores ways to embrace it and grow with it rather than resist and fight it

I came to Mumbai only in January this year. Not only have I had to adapt to the city’s lifestyle, which is less comfortable than that of my previous base in the Middle East, but also to my new role as a wife and homemaker. It has been tough juggling work and home, and there have been times when I have felt that I end up doing most of the chores. Leaving a successful career behind and starting from scratch has been the toughest. After months of battling despondency and frustration, I decided that I didn’t want to continue living like a victim. That was when I took responsibility for my situation. I started focussing on my blessings – I have had to lay the foundation to my career in a new city but at least I have a job; I miss my parents dearly but at least I have my husband for companionship. I am still reeling from the relocation and there are moments when I feel low even today. That said, I’ve found ways to keep going; I am a result-oriented person and so, make a checklist for the day, and commend myself for every task accomplished. Food comforts me and so, my husband and I cook together or call in our favourite dishes every now and then. We’ve even cleverly divided the housework between us.

Even though we love our comfort zones, it’s a known fact that nothing ever grows over there. Change is the unchangeable law of life, often putting us through many difficulties and challenges. And though we would rather not have them, they inevitably help us grow stronger, wiser and more capable. Only after we have persisted, and gone through the long haul that we realise the gifts hidden within the unwanted changes that came our way.

Yet, unwelcome changes can be very hard to cope with. During these times, having a spiritual, more broader perspective can help a person sail through transitions. So often these transitions alone are the cause that trigger a spiritual inquiry in a person.

Radical changes in life

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