Our witnessing consciousness quotient

- By Sanjiv Ranjan

Many of us wonder whether we are on the right path. To know this, we need to introspect and examine our life.There is a simple process through which you can find out for yourself, how close you are to living from the witnessing consciousness. Just answer the questions below, and add up your score, to see for yourself.

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The questionnaire is built on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the maximum points.

How often do you find yourself dissolving into halpless peals of laughter?

1.    Occasionally, every few days – 1 point

2.    At least once during the day – 2 points

3.    Most of the time – 7 points

In your own opinion, are you someone who

1.    Takes people and events very seriously – 1 point

2.    Generally believes in giving people and situations, ‘the benefit of doubt’ – 3 points

3.    Understands the futility of trying to interpret anything which is happening around you – 5 points

4.  Is a keen observer of people and events,  and to whom observation brings joy – 7 points

Are you someone whose most used faculty is

1.  Logic – you arrive at decisions through analysis and interpretation – 2 points

2.  Empathy – your decisions are driven by your emotions – 3 points

3. Intuition – your decisions are mostly driven by your gut feelings – 5 points

Most of the time

1.   You worry – 1 point

2. You feel looked after by a Higher Force – 5  points

Do you forgive?

1.    You tend to hold on to hurt – 1 point

2.    Relatively easy – you can let go with slight effort on your part – 3 points

3.    Natural – you find it difficult to hold on to something hurtful – 5 points

If you were to define life, which definition would resonate to you most

1. Life is difficult – 1 point

2.  Life is challenging – 3 points

3.  Life is an adventure – 4 points

4.  Life is incredibly funny – 5 points

If you were to define God, then which definition would resonate with you most

1.  God does punish – 1 point

2.  God is kind – 2 points

3.  God is a dearly loved friend – 5 points

If you were to define love, then which definition would resonate with you most

1.   Love is an illusion – 0 points

2.   Love brings pain – 1 point

3.  Love is joy – 7 points

4.   Love is an endless mystery – 2 points.

Now add up your scores and see for yourself how close or how far away you are from the witnessing consciousness.

The higher your score, the closer you are  to enlightenment.  Now that you know what you need to do, begin now.

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