Yes, you can!

By Shivi Verma

July 2014

Cancer can be cured if you are willing to try a combination of therapies, work on your mind, adopt an optimisticattitude, and have faith in the Divine, says Shivi Verma


A graphic  representation of how the cancer cell forms and mutatesA graphic representation of how the cancer cell forms and mutates

I used to admire a tall and dusky woman who I met every day on my suburban train commute. Many times we exchanged smiles and pleasantries. Suddenly, she stopped coming. On enquiring I discovered that she was in hospital and was being treated for cancer. She succumbed to the disease a few months later. I still miss her prominent presence at the station, and find it unbelievable that someone so young, attractive and healthy looking could pass away so abruptly.

This seems to be a reality that more and more are confronting. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the dreaded disease swoops down and bears away a friend here, a relation there, and often enough, one’s own self, but not before it torments and tortures its prey. If the diagnosis of cancer strikes terror in people’s hearts, no less traumatizing is the mainstream line of treatment: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Add to it the high cost of the treatment, and horrifying side-effects, and patients begin to feel that dying from cancer is a better option than treating it.

Fortunately, there are many alternative techniques and therapies that adopt a strikingly different methodology in treating cancer. Instead of killing the cancer cells (in the process destroying the healthy ones too), these techniques work on detoxifying the body, nourishing it with the right diet, healing the emotions and mind,  and finally raising the immunity of the body, thereby empowering it to fight and defeat the cancer cells on its own. Instead of fighting with darkness, these techniques focus on turning on the light.

Perhaps one of the many reasons cancer has come into the world is to show us the limitations of mainstream medicine, and to fastforward the movement of an alternative approach. But the basics first.

What is cancer?

According to the definition provided by the National Cancer Institute, cancer is a term used for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control, and are able to invade other tissues. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems. Cancer is not just one disease, but
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Bhushan Dixit

It's a nice experience to read this article..amazingly helpful for me as my mother suffering from the cancer decease..m more keen and curious about the treatments given to i am looking forward to contact U soonest possible. Thanks

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Vinod Sharam

Dear Shivi, Excellent, lot of information presented in well manner on positive approaches to cancer free life. Thanks, VINOD SHARMA

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Soumyajit Debroy

Hi Shivi, You have done a wonderful work. I hope your message will certainly pass to who needs this at the right time! Thanks Soumyajit Debroy

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Alok Srivastava

Shivi, What a wonderful article. Only you could have written this in such effective manner. Kudos. Looking for more articles from you. Best Wishes, Alok Srivastava Delhi


Thank you so much Alok. Never thought you could be such a sincere follower of Life Positive be reading it online. Please write a little more if you could, so that I can use the letter in the response section.

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