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September 2016

By Fatema Diwan

The Life Positive Expo is back in Coimbatore on September 24th and 25th, with an array of exciting workshops to learn and benefit from, says Fatema Diwan

Caption: The highly successful Life Positive Expo will revisit Coimbatore shortlyThe highly successful Life Positive Expo will revisit Coimbatore shortly

There are many reasons why you should come for the Life Positive Expo in Coimbatore on September 24th and 25th.For one reason, it is the only Expo we have so far in South India, so if you are South of the Vindhyas this workshop is for you.

Secondly, Coimbatore is accessible to almost all the four Southern states. While being located in Tamil Nadu, it is only 191.4 kms from Cochin, 365.5 kms from Bangalore and 932.5 kms from Hyderabad.

Thirdly, Coimbatore weather is lovely and cool, and the residents pride themselves on their warmth and hospitality.

And finally and most compellingly, India’s ace facilitators will descend on Coimbatore to share the best kept secrets of the happiest and most successful people in the world. This is an opportunity you cannot refuse!

Sunil Parekh will coach you on how to leverage the power of your mind to manifest your goals. Partha Gupta will share the precious knowledge of Himalayan seers on how to breathe your way to health and success, GL Sampoorna will attune you with the healing frequencies of sound, and Vijaylakshmi Panthiyan will catapult you towards your dream life through her Alpha mind meditation workshop. What can you get from these workshops, and what are they all about? Here is a primer.

Mind Power Unlimited by Sunil Parekh


Mr. Sunil Parekh is an International Success Coach and mind expert. A former IITian he trained under Jack Canfield, America’s leading coach and transformational leader. Sunil quit his high profile job as the COO of a leading animation studio and started facilitating various
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